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Because every shipment tells a story. Freight forwarder Ritra Cargo values customised solutions and reliability, and will allocate you a designated contact person.�
Ritra cargo expediteur luchtvracht


It’s not 1995, after all. Freight forwarder Ritra Cargo offers smart ICT solutions so you can track your shipment anywhere, anytime. This way we provide efficiency and transparency.�
Expediteur Azië Ritra Cargo

Strong network

Because who you know makes all the difference. Thanks to our reliable network of local agents, Freight forwarder Ritra Cargo can transport your shipment to 42 countries across the globe.�

Latest news

Oók uw partner voor Turkije

30 May 2023

Your reliable partner for all Turkey shipments

You know us mainly for sea and air freight to and from Asia. But our range of services and capabilities is much bigger than that. Today we would like to tell you more about how we can help with your transport to and from Turkey. Where do you start, what are the options and who arranges what?   Lees verder
Incoterms 2023

30 May 2023

No sea freight without Incoterm

Incoterms are delivery terms that regulate the rights and obligations of the buyer and seller in international goods transport. To avoid surprises afterwards, it is important to choose the right Incoterm for your import shipments. Which are the most common ones in sea freight and what is the most suitable Incoterm for your shipment?   Lees verder
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