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Because every shipment tells a story. Freight forwarder Ritra Cargo values customised solutions and reliability, and will allocate you a designated contact person.�
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It’s not 1995, after all. Freight forwarder Ritra Cargo offers smart ICT solutions so you can track your shipment anywhere, anytime. This way we provide efficiency and transparency.�
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Strong network

Because who you know makes all the difference. Thanks to our reliable network of local agents, Freight forwarder Ritra Cargo can transport your shipment to 42 countries across the globe.�

Latest news

invoerrechten bij import

28 December 2021

How are import duties calculated?

If you import goods from outside the EU, your import duty costs will have risen considerably since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a direct result of the increased freight rates. However, this connection is not immediately obvious to many importers, as we realised from the number of questions we receive on this subject. How does it work?   Lees verder
Feestdagen Azie 2020

27 December 2021

Asian public holidays: a complete overview

Delays, lack of capacity, and high tariffs. The situation caused by Asian public holidays is a nightmare for many importers. Luckily, the right knowledge can prevent a lot of this stress. Ritra Cargo has developed an Asian public holidays desk calendar especially for importers. Created with the help of our overseas agents, it is the most accurate and comprehensive list you will ever need: helping you to be prepared and prevent problems.   Lees verder
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