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Because every shipment tells a story. Freight forwarder Ritra Cargo values customised solutions and reliability, and will allocate you a designated contact person.�
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It’s not 1995, after all. Freight forwarder Ritra Cargo offers smart ICT solutions so you can track your shipment anywhere, anytime. This way we provide efficiency and transparency.�
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Strong network

Because who you know makes all the difference. Thanks to our reliable network of local agents, Freight forwarder Ritra Cargo can transport your shipment to 42 countries across the globe.�

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26 April 2022

The 1,136 sustainable activities by Team Ritra Cargo

Adopt more sustainable habits. Not just at work, but at home too. This is exactly what the employees at Ritra Cargo have been doing intensively for the last 40 days. There were no half-measures, that much is clear. Together, we took part in 1,136 sustainable activities! From quicker showers to picking litter, and eating less meat. What impact have we made as a team? And how can we make sure the results are lasting?   Lees verder
Containermarket 2022

21 April 2022

What does the Shanghai lockdown mean for forwarders?

Due to the high level of omicron cases, work in the Shanghai docks has been at a standstill since the start of April. It won’t be long before this will also start to affect the other ports in China. What’s more, shipping companies have announced blank sailings, and congestion and delays are looming. How will this affect your shipments?      Lees verder
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