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100 days of Red Sea crisis

100 days of Red Sea crisis

The emergency situation in the Red Sea continues. It started in December of last year, and now – more than 100 days after the first attacks – we still cannot report that this crisis has come to an end. Worse still, new issues seem to be piling on every day. What has happened in these three months? We summarise the situation for you and also share the latest worrying news with you.



Since December 2023

The Red Sea crisis has been causing a major disruption to the container market from Asia for months. Soon after the first attacks by Houthi rebels halfway through December last year, most shipping companies decided to change their sailing routes. The situation in the Red Sea had become too dangerous very quickly for transit shipping.


From then on, sailing around the Cape of Good Hope became the new normal for almost all shipping companies. The sailing route via South Africa has reluctantly become the norm, with an added transit time of 10-15 days. And this does not include the extra time sometimes added in the event of a Change of Rotation.


Bron: RTL Nieuws

Source: RTL News



Danger far from over

On Monday 18 March, day 93 of the crisis, reports once again emerged that an explosion took place on a ship. The ship was near the Gulf of Aden at the time, which is situated below Yemen and above Djibouti and Somalia. Unfortunately, this is merely one example of the many weekly attacks.


Of course, at the same time, the attacks and rebels are being fought tooth and nail. For example, American troops attacked and destroyed 5 drone boats and an attack drone on the same day – 18 March.


The same week also saw an Indian ship being freed from Somali pirates. The ship and crew of Mv. Ruen were held hostage off the Somali coast for three months. When the ship sailed to the Indian Ocean, presumably planning new attacks from the sea, it could be intercepted.


Bron: NOS.nl

Source: NOS.nl



Rumours of new attacks

Despite the establishment of the American maritime operation ‘Prosperity Guardian’ and Europe’s recently launched ‘Aspides’ mission, the situation is far from under control. In fact, rumours have been buzzing since mid-March that new attacks are planned.


The leader of the Houthi rebels, Abdul Malik al-Houthi, recently shared a video message. In it, he announced that his supporters will also set their sights on shipping traffic beyond the Red Sea. He was referring to the intention to attack ships continuing their routes to and from the Cape of Good Hope.


The rebel leader made a vile statement about wanting to ‘expand’ and called the announced plans an ‘important, major step’. What’s more, Russian media say they have evidence that Houthi rebels have increased their stockpile of weapons with a new type of missile. This so-called hypersonic missile is said to be able to hit a ship located on the Indian Ocean all the way from Yemen. As such, the danger to shipping traffic has still not subsided.




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