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30 years of Ritra Cargo

30 years of Ritra Cargo

Ritra Cargo 30 jaar expediteur
Wednesday 15 August was the day Ritra Cargo celebrated its 30th year in business! Over three decades we have experienced outstanding growth. At core however we have never really changed. A short history of Ritra Cargo.

Growing with our clients

Ritra Cargo originally started out as an Indonesian shipper. In 1998, we set up our Dutch locations from our base in Indonesia. At the time, large quantities of textiles were being produced in Indonesia; the chief reason Ritra Cargo focused on the import of fashion products from the outset.

Over the years, developments in textile production continued apace and Ritra Cargo mirrored the flow. This means that currently we enjoy a strong presence throughout Asia. Together with our reliable partners, many of whom we have been working with for decades, we offer our services from a range of Asian source countries. In the mean time, as well as broadening our interest to include a wider selection of product groups, we are also a growing presence well beyond Asia.


Our mission and vision have barely altered

Sticking to the company’s original mission and vision only makes sense if it benefits both the clients and the team. The Ritra Cargo team is distinguished by its incredible team spirit, which creates

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Photos from yesteryear

asuperb atmosphere; something recognised by everyone. Just one of the many reasons for our outstanding success; a number of our clients have been with us for over 25 years, only matched by the length of time some of our colleagues have worked for us!

In a nutshell, our organisation is underpinned by three solid pillars:

  1. Personal client contact
  2. Rapid information supply for clients
  3. Proactive services; always future-proof

Personal contact with our clients has and always will be key. Even as far back as 1988 every client had one permanent contact person, and this is still the case today. This means shorter communication lines and rapid decision making, which of course benefits everyone!

In addition, providing our clients with clear up-to-date information has always been a priority. Departure and arrival times were once announced by fax, but like everyone else these days we now fully embrace the digital world. We have an entire team dedicated to tracking the very latest information regarding arrivals and departures of goods; all to ensure that you are always kept fully up to speed about your shipment’s status.

Finally, pioneering runs deep in Ritra Cargo’s DNA. By continuously developing our services, we ensure we continue to be future-proof. And of course these days ICT plays a vital role in the process. All the more reason for us to remain closely involved in important developments in this area. Indeed so much so that we increasingly identify ourselves as an ‘ICT shipper’.


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