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35 years of Ritra Cargo!

35 years of Ritra Cargo!

Founded in 1988, Ritra Cargo is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. What a milestone! Of course, Team Ritra wouldn’t let this pass without having a party. And as you’ve come to expect from us, the celebration involved lots of fun, team spirit and plenty of refreshments. We are happy to look back on our anniversary celebrations with you!



A toast to the next 35 years

It’s typical of Ritra Cargo not to dwell on the past but to look to the future. Impatient and innovative as we are, we always keep our eyes open and follow new developments closely: whether it concerns movements in the logistics market or in the field of ICT, we are proud to be a progressive freight forwarder. Maybe not the biggest, but certainly the most personal in our industry.


Also, this anniversary year, we’re not so much looking back as forward. Naturally we are proud (because what a fantastic company and team we have!), but above all we are very excited to kick off the next 35 years together!




An anniversary calls for a party! That’s why we went out together on Saturday, 2 September. Just before noon, we gathered in the port of IJmuiden. After a short, sunny boat trip we arrived at the venue for the day: Forteiland IJmuiden. After a lunch together, we started the programme for the day at the fortress, which was beautifully lit with candles for the occasion.


The first half of the afternoon consisted of various group activities. Divided into three teams, we played a fierce game of hammering nails into wood, had to trust each other during a blindfolded journey through the fortress, solved a balance puzzle, and shot air rifles at metal soldiers which a rebellious youth turned out not to be good for ;-). The programme ended with building and firing a catapult.



Tasting, sliding and shooting

The second part of the programme offered different choices. With activities such as a tour of the fortress, wine tasting, an archery workshop, abseiling or a game of live Monopoly, there was something for everyone. Who would have thought that Gijs knew so much about wine, Lisette and Vivian can slide effortlessly down a rope, Stephan can handle a hammer rather well and Brian frequently hits the bull’s eye?


An intense day like that makes you hungry and thirsty, so to conclude the day’s programme, a delicious dinner was prepared for us. Back on shore, hotel rooms had been reserved and we had the opportunity to discuss the day while enjoying a cold beer, wine or cocktail (or two…). On Sunday morning, after a generous breakfast, it unfortunately was time to leave. But what great memories Team Ritra made during this wonderful anniversary weekend!



Team Ritra have their say

Martijn: “A brilliant day with lovely weather. Nice to see colleagues being so casually competitive in contests. Great team spirit, but with a fun spark that only underlines the collaboration in the office. It’s no coincidence that we’ve been such a close team for so long! And that was reinforced with a delicious dinner and a nice drink afterwards!”


Roos: “It was a very fun and enjoyable day, which continued into the late hours. The activities on the beautiful Forteiland IJmuiden were very fun and original. Although there was fierce competition between all the teams, fortunately we still managed to eat together at a table full of delicious food prepared by our own chef.”


Stephan: “It was a great day and I laughed a lot. It’s really nice to see and talk to your colleagues this way. I got the impression that everyone had a good time J All the activities really suited the team, everyone took part and the activity leaders were also excellent!”


John: “It was funny to see that we as a team were just as competitive in the activities as in the office. It was also nice to see each other in a different setting, without busy schedules. Personally I really enjoyed abseiling, which was the first time for me. Even those who didn’t dare to do it were well looked after. The older you are, the crazier you get.J


Marjoleine: “I found it very enjoyable and thought the “teambuilding” assignments were super fun; the one with the blindfold was particularly HILARIOUS (for our team). I also liked that they added a game element to everything, both in the archery and in the wine tasting. To do it a bit differently. And all at a beautiful location, of course. The dinner was a real highlight for me: lots of it and something for everyone. My favourite dessert was the passion fruit panna cotta (yummy). Oh and of course don’t forget the generous breakfast at the hotel with the mini pancakes.


Lisette: “It was a great day with fantastic people. The activities were very extensive. A really nice day of teambuilding and socialising with a snack and a drink in between and lots of fun. The food was excellent – compliments to the chef! And ending the day with a drink and a chat before getting into bed in the lovely hotel with a beautiful view of the harbour. In short, a great weekend!”



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