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A peek inside the new Ritra Cargo building

A peek inside the new Ritra Cargo building

On 19 March 2018, Ritra Cargo relocated from the Van Weerden Poelmanweg to the Albert Plesmanweg in Rotterdam. Before we were able to move into our new premises, we needed to make quite a few decisions. For one, the building underwent a major renovation, and we consciously decided to create a completely new interior with room for growth.


Pleasant working environment

Ritra Cargo forwarder Albert Plesmanweg 61C Rotterdam

A peek inside the new Ritra Cargo building

In the design of the new office building, we focused on creating a pleasant workplace. We sought input from our colleagues via the so-called “Wall of Ideas”. And together with the architect we were able to create something that was quite appealing.

As a result, this new location has everything you need for a pleasant working environment. For example, Sit-Stand desks that promote health and we also decided to opt for a lot of greenery. The plants purify the air, while providing a comfortable level of humidity indoors. Furthermore, there are open spaces and trendy seating areas where you can meet or enjoy lunch in a relaxed atmosphere.


Responsible innovation

The new office has undergone a head-to-toe refurbishment and complete modernisation. It goes without saying that sustainability was taken into account.

For example, the entire building is lighted by energy-efficient LED lamps. The modular cabinet system is durable in use, because it can adapt to changes in layout or relocation and therefore has a longer life span. When the furniture needs to be replaced, all materials, especially wood and steel, are easily recyclable.

Some of the old inventory was donated to charitable organisations with the help of some of our colleagues. We gave all the LED lighting to the local gym, for instance, and the old computers were cleaned up and donated to primary schools in Zimbabwe.


You are, of course, more than welcome to visit our new office and come admire it for yourself.


Our office furniture has been assembled and supplied by COwerk B.V. in Rotterdam.


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