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Agent GTS Pakistan pays a visit to Ritra Rotterdam

Agent GTS Pakistan pays a visit to Ritra Rotterdam

Ritra Cargo has more than just a loyal customer base. That’s because long-standing commitments have also seen us developing excellent, solid relationships with our agencies. You only get the best out of one another on the strength of trust and mutual respect for each other’s customs and culture. This month, Pakistani agency GTS Logistics paid a visit to Ritra Cargo in Rotterdam. GTS Logistics has been our regular transport partner for all cargo to and from Pakistan for the past 26 years.



Together for 26 years

Partnership doesn’t always go without a hitch. That’s okay. You don’t have to agree all the time either. Perhaps it’s even better not to. That’s because you only earn AND get respect from your interlocutors by defending your interests and engaging with one another. Ritra Cargo values long, lasting relationships. Our clients aren’t the only ones who can testify to this, as our agents have also remained loyal to us for many years now. Long-term relationships are built up through honesty, transparency and by being open to the other person’s ideas.


And while keeping in touch through email and Teams is incredibly easy, there’s always added value in actually getting to shake hands with one another. After a visit by agent FML from Bangladesh in October 2023, we had our contacts Iqbal Memon and Muhammad Anees from the Pakistani agency GTS drop by in January. It was a happy reunion with ‘old’ friends. After all, after 26 years, we can call each other that!


12/01/24 GTS Pakistan visiting Ritra Cargo’s Rotterdam office. From left to right Muhammad Anees, Rutger Leentvaar, Iqbal Memon, Jordi Schoonenberg, Patty Chiu, Martijn Berghout and Wilfred Sparnaay.



Introducing GTS Pakistan

Are you already familiar with trading out of Karachi, Sialkot or Islamabad? The main export product from Pakistan is textile. As such, many of our clients import the latest clothing collections from Pakistan on a weekly basis. Since 1998, Ritra Cargo has been working exclusively with agent GTS Logistics. Needless to say, this is a well-considered choice. As an NVOCC, GTS is a respected partner both at home and abroad. In addition, they believe a personal approach and tailor-made service to be just as important as we do.


*NVOCC = Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier


Besides services such as air and sea freight, this agent also provides a variety of value added services. Pick & pack, project cargo or warehousing in their own, bonded distribution centre are just some of the numerous possibilities. A bonded warehouse offers the advantage that you can indefinitely place goods in storage WITHOUT having to pay import duties and VAT.


GTS is also connected to Ritra’s online supply chain platform, TRACOS. TRACOS provides you with up-to-date information at all times, allowing you to see where your specific shipment (or even a certain product) is located.


Want to find out more about the possibilities for importing or exporting to or from Pakistan? If so, please contact Ritra’s sales department. They’d be happy to tell you more.



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