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All heads together on the team page

All heads together on the team page


Ritra Cargo’s team page gets many visitors and we are not surprised! After all, who doesn’t want to see the people behind “Team Ritra Cargo”? Who should you call to process your import shipment from Turkey, and who can help you with questions about the REX declaration on your commercial invoice? Our team page has the answers!




Old and new acquaintances

We have had a team page on our website since 2016. And ever since then, it has been at the top of our most-visited pages. Team Ritra is a close-knit and consistent team made up of many familiar faces. But we are still growing too. Lots more faces are added all the time, so it’s about time for an update!


Most of the colleagues willing to have their photo taken have done so by now. We used images in house-style for the remaining colleagues. What’s more, the e-mail addresses of all colleagues have been included, so you can send an e-mail to the right person: easy does it!



Who is doing what?

There is now also a small introduction to accompany each profile. It’s not always easy to write something about yourself, but we all got there in the end – with a little help and some honest feedback from colleagues.


So now you can easily find the right person in TRACOS, who you need to ask for help with your export shipment to the United States, who can advise you on transport of hazardous goods by air, or who is responsible for closely monitoring possible changes in sailing schedules.



Locations Schiphol & Waalhaven

Would you like to find out more about our locations? In November, the Ritra Cargo Schiphol premises are undergoing renovation. Soon, the inside of our office will be as interesting as what is outside: the amazing view of the runway! We will reveal a bit more in our next newsletter.


In the meantime, a cup of coffee will be waiting for you at the premises in the Waalhaven, completely decorated in our green-and-white Ritra house-style!


View our improved and updated team page here >



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