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Always up to date with TRACOS

Always up to date with TRACOS

Online tool tracos

Ritra’s TRACOS is the ultimate online tool that provides you with real-time information about your shipment. From the moment the goods leave the supplier until they arrive at their final destination. Our platform makes every global logistics flow (sea, air, and road transport) transparent for you. Are you curious about the possibilities for your company?




Track your shipment closely

Is your supplier still waiting for a booking approval? Are there shipments that need to be consolidated at a later time? Have all selected POs been loaded? By using TRACOS, all stakeholders can see the outstanding actions at a glance.


Your shipment’s journey is clearly mapped out. Is your shipment still on schedule? TRACOS helps you to easily view the expected arrival date of your shipment. You can follow each step: making sure you are always up to date! TRACOS is a tool for all stakeholders who wants to collaborate in a simpler and more transparent way.



Reports & KPIs

In addition, it is easy to generate KPI reports in TRACOS. It means you can be up to speed on performance in no time. For instance, simply filter by supplier performance, or carrier and forwarder performance. You can also run a report on the lead time of any shipment or view the cost per order.


What’s more, it goes without saying that you will always have an overview of your shipment’s CO2 emissions, regardless of the mode of transport.




You can use the tool to upload POs and documentation, reducing your mail traffic in the process. In addition, Ritra offers TRACOS Lite, a version of the system that does not require POs to be uploaded.


Our specialised in-house ICT team will customise the platform for you. Ritra’s product owners team manages the system and integrates TRACOS in your business processes. Of course, the system tirelessly continues to evolve in the background.



Ritra will always have the human touch

TRACOS might be a useful tool, but it could never replace your contact person at Ritra. Although we believe in the power of technology, we feel that personal contact and understanding our customers is essential. We will continue to be the personal, ICT-driven forwarder. Do you need help with TRACOS? We are here to help!




Would you like to find out more about Ritra’s Supply Chain Platform TRACOS? Contact us at tracos@ritra.nl or call 010-7671000. Find more information on our product page or watch this animation:




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