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Climate agreement calls for conscious transport choices

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Climate agreement calls for conscious transport choices


The further reduction of CO2 emissions is inevitable for everyone. As such, the requirements, wishes and pillars are clearly set out in the International Climate Agreement. We explain the implications for the logistics industry here. We also offer customers insight into CO2 emissions from import, export and cross trade transports on our web portal. This will help you make the most sustainable transport choice.



New developments for team Ritra Schiphol

Ritra Schiphol

Over the last six months, a lot has happened in Oude Meer – where Ritra’s air cargo team are based. For one, Team Air now has three new faces and the interior has recently been given a new and vibrant look! In addition, Air Cargo Manager Rob van de Werve is going to give you a glimpse of his team’s daily activities, and he explains the latest developments around Schiphol.



Why the information on your invoice is more important than you think

Each shipment you send is accompanied by an invoice. Makes sense, but it is often underestimated. Because what is actually important to include on an invoice? What should absolutely not be missing and what are the consequences of incorrect information for you? We are happy to explain which details are important for correct processing.



Blank Sailings: a recurrent obstacle

In our industry it is a common term: the so-called blank sailings. We have once again been inundated with newspaper headlines on this logistical problem. Ultimately, what it means is that sailings are being cancelled. But what causes it and what does it mean for your supply chain in 2023?



Always up to date with TRACOS

Online tool tracos

Ritra’s TRACOS is the ultimate online tool that provides you with real-time information about your shipment. From the moment the goods leave the supplier until they arrive at their final destination. Our platform makes every global logistics flow (sea, air, and road transport) transparent for you. Are you curious about the possibilities for your company?



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