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Project Versailles

Veulen Versailles

In the end, money has to be made – it’s as simple as that. Without business, no Ritra; without Ritra, no team. But we make no secret of the fact that we like to do more than just transport from A to B (or Z). The difference mainly lies in how we do it. Provide good service? Of course. Explain in detail? Sure. But we’d much rather go one step further. Our colleague John, a familiar face at Ritra’s Schiphol office for years, talks about a unique project that also went a step further.



Toll prices in Germany are skyrocketing

Duitse maut

Despite criticism from the transport industry, the German government has decided that the prices of the German Maut will rise sharply from December 2023. This is due to the increase in the CO₂ tax that takes effect this year. Does your transport go to or through Germany? Then you should anticipate a considerable increase in transport costs.



35 years of Ritra Cargo!

Al 35 jaar Ritra Cargo

Founded in 1988, Ritra Cargo is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. What a milestone! Of course, Team Ritra wouldn’t let this pass without having a party. And as you’ve come to expect from us, the celebration involved lots of fun, team spirit and plenty of refreshments. We are happy to look back on our anniversary celebrations with you!



Port of Rotterdam is speeding up sustainability drive

Rotterdamse haven zet vaart achter verduurzaming

There is no doubt that a lot will change in the port of Rotterdam in the coming years. The government laid out an ambitious plan earlier this year. In just seven years, they want the majority of all trucks in the Netherlands to drive emission-free. It is a wonderful yet very challenging goal. How is the port of Rotterdam preparing for this?



Panama Canal is drying up causing global problems

Opdrogend Panamakanaal zorgt voor wereldwijde problemen

Reports have been reaching us since May this year of the increasing dryness of the Panama Canal. On the Asia-Europe route, not an immediate obstacle, is probably your first thought. However, in the meantime, the scale of the problem is growing and so are the consequences. This means a local problem has gradually grown into an issue of global proportions. 




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