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Changes to Dutch Forwarding Conditions as per 1 May 2018

Changes to Dutch Forwarding Conditions as per 1 May 2018

All the activities that Ritra Cargo carries out for you as a forwarding agent are subject to the Dutch Forwarding Conditions. This includes activities such as storage, insurance, customs clearance, order picking and invoicing. These terms and conditions will change as per 1 May 2018. This may also affect the agreement you have entered into with us.


Changes to the Dutch Forwarding Conditions

The current Dutch Forwarding Conditions, which date back to 2004, clearly reflect the rights and obligations of the Freight Forwarder and the commissioning party. However, developments in case law, arbitration rulings and legislation have resulted in a necessity to revise them. The new Dutch Forwarding Conditions have been considerably modernized and clarified. The most significant changes have been made to the following Articles:

  1.  Article 5: Customs
  2. Article 7: Insurance
  3. Article 18: Termination of the contract
  4. Article 23: Arbitration

In addition, the liability limit has been changed from 4,000 SDR to the general maximum of 10,000 SDR. It applies to each shipment in the event of loss of value, physical damage or loss of cargo. Finally, in some articles the obligation has been added that the forwarder must, if possible, consult with the commissioning party about the details of the work or certain actions.

A full explanation of all the changes can be found in the “Quick overview” (in Dutch) of the Fenex.


Transition to the renewed Freight Forwarding Conditions

As from 1 May 2018, Ritra Cargo will be carrying out all activities under the new Forwarding Conditions. We will include this in our email signature and on our website where we will also be providing a link to these terms and conditions.


More information

If you would like to have more information or if you have any questions about the renewed Dutch Forwarding Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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