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China’s ‘Golden Week’ puts pressure on cargo liners

China’s ‘Golden Week’ puts pressure on cargo liners


China’s annual ‘Golden Week’, from 1-7 October, will see most of the country take the week off work to enjoy the festivities. Production in factories will come to a standstill, which causes problems for importers every year. Large fluctuations in cargo needs during Golden Week make it difficult for goods to keep up with planned departure times.


Pressure on tonnage

Cargo demands fluctuate strongly during Golden Week every year. For example, importers want to ship the last goods for that period quickly, leading to a large supply of cargo. When the ship is full, goods that can no longer be transported are only shipped after Golden Week. However, the closure of factories during Golden Week results in many routes being cancelled due to insufficient demand. This puts significant pressure on the ship’s tonnage, both before and after Golden Week.


Avoid delays

As an importer, it’s important to keep this holiday in mind and register your shipment on time to prevent any delays. Our holiday calendar for production countries will help you keep track of this holiday and others.


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