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Chinese New Year affects transport

Chinese New Year affects transport

China celebrates Chinese New Year from 15 through 21 February. This means a week of celebrations, during which everyone takes time off work. It is logical that this affects transport.


Knock-on effect for several weeks

In addition to the abovementioned statutory holidays, many Chinese take a longer period off work. They often take a few days’ annual leave in the period preceding this week, as well as after. Many companies therefore have minimum staffing levels throughout this period.

In addition, it puts a great deal of pressure on sea freight and air freight capacity. Many consignments are despatched earlier, because no transportation takes place over Chinese New Year. This means container ships and aircraft are jam-packed. Furthermore, factories are closed over Chinese New Year, so freight flow is lower the following week. As a result of this, a number of departures and flights are always cancelled every year. Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict which these will be in advance. It is therefore advisable to take Chinese New Year into account in your planning well in advance.


Our holiday calendar provides an insight

We advise you to despatch your consignments in a timely manner during long holidays such as Chinese New Year. We have produced a ‘production countries holiday calendar’ so that you are always aware of holidays. It lists all national holidays in China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Bangladesh. You can download it here for free.


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