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Close inspection of customs value of clothing & shoes

Close inspection of customs value of clothing & shoes

The European Commission has indicated that major irregularities relating to the customs valuation of clothes and shoes have been found within the European Union. This has direct consequences for anyone importing these fashion items. This article explains the state of play and how you can prepare.


From the European Commission

The European Commission in Brussels is the umbrella organisation that deals with legislation (among other things). In doing so, it protects the interests of the EU and its citizens, and strives to make all EU countries work together as efficiently as possible.


Earlier this month, the European Commission concluded that there are major irregularities in the customs value of clothing and shoes.


It has therefore instructed all member states, represented in the Netherlands by Customs, to carry out tighter checks on import consignments. These checks are very specifically aimed at how accurate the customs value of clothing and shoes is.




Tips & tricks for the upcoming peak season

With peak season for fashion-related goods fast approaching, it is important for importers to respond to this in the best and most targeted way possible. After all, you want to avoid any retrospective hassle.


We recommend that you prepare for the questions customs will ask by taking the following precautions:

– Ensure you can provide a complete bank statement, matching the supplier’s invoice;

– The payment description references the invoice number. This means you will have the right information to hand quickly, even retrospectively.




What if you do not have a bank statement?

You might not have a physical bank statement to submit. If this is the case, you could use a ‘provisional security bond’. This could be in the form of a guarantee. The amount of the guarantee is determined by customs in advance.


Ritra will then advance this amount to customs on your behalf, so that the consignment is (provisionally) released. You receive an invoice by return for the amount we transferred. It is important to note that the obligation to provide a bank statement remains. Checks can only take place after showing the bank statement. Once everything is approved, the guarantee amount will be settled with you.




Any questions?

Please note that communication may be slower than you are used to from us. The Customs National Valuation Team is experiencing delays of up to a week in responding to and processing any requests.


If you have specific questions, please send an e-mail to your dedicated Ritra Cargo contact person. He or she will answer your question as soon as possible, or if necessary, forward it to our Customs department.



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