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Your clothes delivered quickly – it starts with the correct invoice

Your clothes delivered quickly – it starts with the correct invoice

Many of our customers who import garments, receive invoices from their manufactures that lack important details. This makes it difficult for our customs department to advice the right commodity code. They can only select the right one out of the thousands available, once enough details are provided in the invoice.

Why are correct commodity codes important for you?

Of course you want your shipment to arrive at its final destination as soon as possible. A detailed invoice ensures that the correct commodity code can be selected quickly. When essential specifics are missing, our customs department has to contact you for more information. Often, the necessary information is not immediately at hand. This will delay the consignment.

Furthermore, the Dutch customs may fine you for reporting the wrong commodity code as this is considered a wrong import declaration. In this case, it does not matter whether the customs duty for the actual commodity code is the same as that of the wrong commodity code or not.


What defines a right invoice?

First of all, it is important that the incoterm of the goods is always mentioned on the invoice. The customs department needs this as well as the essential details, in order to determine the correct commodity code and customs duty. Ask your manufacturer to provide the following four details on the invoice:

  1. How was the article made: woven or knitted?
  2. Type of product: what kind of garment is it?
  3. What kind of fabric is the garment made of?
  4. What target group are the clothes made for?


Correct invoice and commodity code garments

An example of a sufficient specification on an invoice: girls jacket, woven, polyester



Any questions about commodity codes and/or the details that need to be specified on the invoice? Don’t hesitate to contact our customs department.

E-mail: customs@ritra.nl

Phone: 0031 (0)10 – 7671 000


The customer remains responsible for the right commidity code at all times. Ritra Cargo only provides advice.


Click here to download the PDF file: ‘Your clothes delivered quickly – it starts with the correct invoice‘.


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