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CO2 calculation model makes transport more sustainable

CO2 calculation model makes transport more sustainable

CO2-rekenmodel voor transport expediteur Ritra Cargo
0.06 KG or 1.22 KG of CO2 emissions. The choice between sea freight or air freight could make a huge difference. In this case, where a single t-shirt is shipped from Shanghai to Alphen aan den Rijn, the difference is a multiple of 20. Of course, these are two extremes. However, the difference in CO2 emissions is often not as obvious. This makes it difficult to make an informed choice. With the CO2 calculation model, Ritra Cargo is the first freight forwarder to change this. 

What does the CO2 calculation model actually calculate?

The CO2 calculation model helps forwarders to make sustainable transport choices. It can be used to calculate the CO2 emissions across the entire transport process. From any port of loading in the world right up to the delivery address.


The CO2 calculation model shows the CO2 emissions in kilos produced during:
  • The main transport via sea freight or air freight to Rotterdam or Amsterdam.
  • The transhipment for the on-carriage
  • The on-carriage by truck, inland waterways or train


The calculation model shows how many kilos of CO2 each separate leg in a transport journey produces, as well as the total volume. By trying out different combinations that still achieve the deadline, the forwarder can make a sustainable choice with ease.


Example: how does the calculation model work?

In this example, our fictitious client Bart wishes to ship 10,000 kilos of t-shirts from Shanghai. The delivery address is Alphen aan den Rijn. He wants to use sea freight. He is not sure about the on-carriage transport yet, but the most sustainable transport method is preferred.


Bart uses the CO2 calculation model and arrives at the following CO2 emissions for 10,000 KG of t-shirts from Shanghai:
CO2 calculation model makes transport more sustainable freight forwarder Ritra Cargo


So, according to the CO2 calculation model, Bart’s best option is to choose on-carriage via inland waterway, which would save 20 kilos of CO2 emissions. This is exactly equal to the volume of CO2 one tree absorbs per year. As such, the CO2 calculation model helps forwarders like Bart to make a contribution to a cleaner environment in a simple and quick way.


Are you interested in calculating the CO2 emissions of your transport route? Ritra Cargo customers can find it in the web portal of our ICT solutions.


About the CO2 calculation model

The demand for insight into the total CO2 emissions of transported products originally came from a client. As a result, Ritra Cargo started searching for a solution, which we found in Rozwitha Roos. As part of her graduation research for her course in Logistics Management, she developed the CO2 calculation model.


Rozwitha used reliable and up-to-date standard values for the creation of the CO2 calculation model. She also entered into dialogue with employees and external parties, such as forwarders, shipping companies and hauliers, so that the CO2 calculation model is a reliable reflection of the actual situation.


Several options have not been included due to the limited time available to develop the calculation model. For instance, it is not yet possible to calculate the CO2 emissions for export shipments and cross-trade transport. The same is true for rail shipments from China. Finally, the pre-carriage in the country of origin is not included in the calculation model, due to the high level of diversity and complexity. These factors may be added to the CO2 calculation model in future.


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