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Correct customs declarations – 2015 results

Correct customs declarations – 2015 results

Last year, almost 18,500 customs declarations were made by our customs declarants. The compilation of such a declaration is a precise task. It is imperative that these are correct, so that your goods arrive on time.

Every year the results of submitted customs declarations are evaluated. Below we share the 2015 balance sheet with you.

Global results and physical checks

Customs checks are often randomly carried out. Sometimes they are also done in a targeted way, depending for example on country of origin or type of product. There are two types of checks: general and physical ones. The general check is actually a document check, whereby customs verifies the correctness of the article and accompanying documentation. With a physical check, they actually take a look at the goods.

Once again in 2015, general or physical checks were requested for only a small percentage of shipments. In addition, the error margin after the checks was very low. On average, 1.9% of customs declarations required a general check, whereby 0.2% was misinterpreted. The number of physical checks executed in 2015 was less than 1.2%. Of these, 2.7% were assessed as incorrect.

Since 2011, Ritra Cargo scores under the 2%, for incorrect declarations after checks. This is well below the national average. In 2015, we remain in the same position at a comfortable 1.5% lower.


Why is a correct declaration so important?

A correct declaration is required so that your goods can get where they need to as quickly as possible. When this is not correct, dispatch may not actually be provided. An incorrect declaration can also result in a fine from customs.

In additions, a low failure rate has other important benefits. As more mistakes are made, containers will actually be more frequently selected for checks. This can cause delays with goods, and that is a real nuisance. In short, correct declarations are very important in both the long and short term!


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