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Cyclone Roanu affects cargo operation Bangladesh – update

Cyclone Roanu affects cargo operation Bangladesh – update


Please note Chittagong port situation is getting worse day by day now. Berthing delay at the port has reached to 9-10 days. The container terminal is so congested that it takes vessels up to 5 days to complete discharge.

Situation turned to even worse after EID holiday and we do not see any improvement in port performance in the near future.

Please calculate with considerable delay and vessel schedule changes for the coming period.

Update June 13th, 2016

The congestion in the port of Chittagong caused by cyclone Roanu, is still not solved. Hardly any progress has been made in the past few weeks. On top of that, the peak season has just started and the monsoon is on its way. As a result, all sea freight will probably be affected by delays for the coming time. If any trouble with your shipment occurs, we will reach out to you immediately.

23 mei 2016

Tropical storm Roanu has caused a lot of damage in Bangladesh. The cyclone made landfall in Chittagong harbor on Saturday. Large parts of the city flooded as a consequence. Warnings for strong winds, heavy rain and tidal waves are still active. As a result, ships are temporarily not allowed to leave the harbor.

Are you importing goods from Bangladesh? Because of the circumstances, your shipment will probably be delayed. The floods have also damaged silos and quays. It is possible that stored goods at those locations are (partly) damaged.

We are monitoring all shipments constantly. If your shipment is affected by the circumstances, we will contact you personally. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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