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Desktop calendar Asia 2023

Desktop calendar Asia 2023

Back by popular demand: the desktop calendars for all public holidays in Asian manufacturing countries are available again this year. We worked with our oversees agents to create a calendar that shows you all the international public holidays. A very useful tool for planning – you will know what’s around the corner in 2023!



All public holidays at a glance

Asia has many public holidays that last from multiple days to as many as several weeks. There are (inter)national public holidays as well as regional public holidays. These days, and especially the number of days, can sometimes be confusing. Ritra Cargo has designed a handy overview in the form of a desktop calendar.


In order to give you a correct overview, it is important for our calendar to be complete and clear. That is why we once again asked our oversees agents to help us gather the right information. After all, they have branches in all important ports and manufacturing locations, so they know exactly which public holidays are important for you. The result is an overview you can rely on.



Import in time to avoid unnecessary delays

The period around these public holidays may cause issues for goods import. For example, capacity shortages, delays, and sudden spikes in sea freight tariffs. As such, our advice is to book early.


Would you still like to import during a certain period? Our desktop calendar can help. To make it even more useful for you, we have also added the Dutch public holidays.

From Bangladesh to Pakistan

To make sure the 2023 desktop calendar is the most comprehensive ever, we have included the national and regional public holidays of the following Asian countries:

Bangladesh             – India                         – Pakistan

Cambodia                – Indonesia

China                       – Japan


Download the public holidays desktop calendar here.



Note: use ‘fit to page’ for A4 when printing.

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