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European freight traffic travel bans in the summer months

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European freight traffic travel bans in the summer months

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In the Netherlands, the summer holidays begin and end spread over a number of weeks. However, this is not the case in other European countries, where everyone goes off on holiday at the same time. To relieve the massive volume of holiday traffic somewhat, freight traffic is often subject to travel bans in July and August, specifically aimed at weekends. So factor this in to your planning schedule when using European road transport services.


Loading and unloading around the weekend

During the summer period, there are quite a number of days on which a travel ban applies to freight traffic. Loading and unloading is therefore not possible on these days. But that also makes it difficult on the days before and after the travel ban. After all, European freight traffic drives long distances and is usually unable to unload already on the day of departure for the final destination.


Is there a travel ban in operation in the weekend in France? Then it is not possible to unload on Monday morning at 06.00 hours in the South of France. But deliveries on Fridays are also a problem – as a rule, trucks do not drive home without a fresh load. And on Friday afternoons there’s not much time left to load new goods. The transport company might decide to let the truck return empty to ensure it arrives home before the travel ban takes force. But the journey may also be postponed to after the weekend. In both cases, a surcharge is often levied.


So we recommend factoring the European freight travel bans into your planning schedule. Take account for instance of the route a truck has to travel through other countries where a travel ban may be in force. This helps to prevent unnecessary costs and delays.


Travel bans per country

As a rule, the freight traffic travel bans apply only in July and August on Saturdays, Sundays and any official public holidays. But in Italy, for instance, the travel ban sometimes starts already on a Friday evening.

The table below shows which travel bans apply at European destinations where Ritra Cargo often loads or unloads for its clients.

European freight traffic bans summer

Travel bans European freight traffic

It’s good to know that Belgium doesn’t have any travel bans. Also travel bans in Spain are limited to regions or specific product groups. This relates specifically to hazardous goods and exceptional transport.


Exceptions to travel bans

As a rule, travel bans apply to general freight traffic heavier than 7.5 tons. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. The transport of perishable goods is often exempted from travel bans, as are live animals. The exemptions differ for each country. If in doubt, mail or call your Ritra Cargo contact person.


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