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Expected cost developments in road transport in 2020

Expected cost developments in road transport in 2020

Kostenontwikkeling wegvervoer 2020
Every year, Panteia (formerly NEA) publishes a report on expected cost developments in road transport. This report provides clear insight into the cost developments in road transport in the current year, as well as anticipating what next year will bring. So what are the expectations with regard to cost developments in 2020?  


The impact of the driver shortage

Due to an ongoing shortage of drivers, many companies faced additional wage costs in 2019. This issue will probably continue into 2020. Ritra has previously written about this subject. Among other things these extra costs are the result of:


  • the need to hire more agency staff;
  • additional payments to retain drivers;
  • increased personnel turnover both concerning drivers and warehouse staff.


There is no new collective labour agreement currently in place. Therefore it is not entirely clear to what level wage costs will rise in 2020. The new collective labour agreement negotiations are scheduled to start at the end of November. Depending on the outcome, this has the potential to directly affect your transport rates.


Expected cost developments for 2020

The rates for national road transport will increase slightly. For the road haulage of sea containers in 2020, an increase of 1.4% is expected over the 2019 figures, whilst an increase of 1.9% is anticipated for transporting pallets during the same period. These price developments are based on the expected increase in wages costs. Another significant factor is the sharp rise in price of the Eurovignette charge (the additional tax levied on heavier trucks using the motorway system). On the plus side, vehicle insurance is becoming cheaper and interest rates continue to fall; expected to be 10% lower when compared to 2019.


It is important to keep in mind that due to fluctuating fuel prices, the diesel surcharge will still be reviewed monthly, and of course will depend on the ongoing market conditions. For this reason, hauliers will continue to invoice the surcharge separately.


Ritra Cargo will negotiate the 2020 road transport rates with its hauliers at the end of the year. We will keep you informed about the outcome of these meetings.


Source: Kostenontwikkeling in het wegvervoer 2019 / 2020, Panteia.  


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