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Faster and more flexible transport thanks to iSHARE

Faster and more flexible transport thanks to iSHARE

Smart ICT solutions make freight flows more efficient and allow for more insight over them. As a result, many organizations already use, for example, supply chain management solutions. As of 1st January 2018, a new technology will come into use: iSHARE. This technology, which is intended for sector wide use, will ensure that the supply chain becomes more flexible, faster and more reliable. What exactly does iSHARE include, and what can you expect from this?


Protocols for sector wide data sharing

Everyone must be able to share data in the chain in a uniform, simple and controlled way. This is the goal of iSHARE. In order to have this for everyone, a so-called protocol system is needed. This allows known, but also unknown parties to share data with each other. These protocols concern identification, authentication and authorization, and together they provide a high level of reliability. This is the basis of iSHARE. For example, with the same type of protocol system, payment solution iDEAL was also developed.


iSHARE makes transportation faster and easier

The iSHARE protocol system brings many advantages to the logistics sector. This is because data can be shared in a faster, more reliable way than before. Comprehensive email correspondence on transport assignments becomes, with iSHARE, a thing of the past. Agreements about which data involved parties need and must receive are recorded in the system. They immediately have access to the required data when a job is sent through.

The use of iSHARE in the chain saves a lot of time. Parties that are connected to iSHARE can communicate more quickly. Moreover, it is known that these parties can be trusted. This offers opportunities. Shipments can be split up in a matter of time across multiple delivery addresses, such as warehouses or stores. What if transport is to be planned with a new carrier? Even then, no email correspondence is required. All communication is safe and realtime via iSHARE.


Yellowstar and Ritra Cargo co-creation partners

A broad adoption of iSHARE is difficult if the solution is not accepted by the sector itself. Therefore, several different transport and logistics companies work together to develop the protocol system.

Together with Yellowstar, Ritra Cargo is co-creation partner of iSHARE. As the only freight forwarder in a group of 20 co-creation partners, we play an important role. Ritra Cargo simulates transport situations in iSHARE, where Yellowstar simultaneously develops the required ICT structure. This ensures that iSHARE will ultimately be in line with the daily practice of freight forwarders and their partners.


iSHARE the new standard

From 1 January 2018, iSHARE will be used. You will immediately benefit from the agreements we have made with our service providers in iSHARE. Of course, you can also make your own authorizations (if you want) immediately.

Want to know more about the iSHARE project? Then go to www.ishare-project.org.


iSHARE is an initiative of Topsector Logistics.


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