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No, we are not able to predict the future. But we can recognise changes in the market in good time and respond to them quickly. Coronavirus, the war in Ukraine, the nitrogen crisis. And these are only the major events from recent years. Whereas the latter had been on the horizon for years, the former two were completely unexpected. It is at these times that we prove our strength, as an IT-driven forwarder with a personal approach and a strong network.


Managing unforeseen events

Coronavirus, the war in Ukraine, the nitrogen crisis. The logistics sector is suffering the consequences of every single one of these events, and that is something we’ll have to learnt to manage together. The recent months and years have proven that the future cannot be predicted. Especially not in logistics. There is something we can do, however: respond quickly to trends.


The situation in the logistics sector in general changes almost every single day, and the same is true for different market segments. Thanks to our contacts – broad across the whole logistics sector, and small for every sub-sector – we know virtually everything about the developments in our industry. We benefit from our contacts’ knowledge and we are keen to allow our contacts to benefit from ours.


Looking for options

We can often do more for our customers than they (and we) initially think, thanks to these feelers that scan the entire market. We explore new possibilities – together with the customer- for the circumstances the customer finds themselves in. This could be a modality switch due to the rising transport tariffs, or the lack of containers ate certain times.


To help you – the end customer – better and faster, we may advise a (temporary) switch from sea freight to airfreight. This might seem more expensive at first glance, but by paying slightly more for transport, an end customer with a stationary machine can get back to business sooner, for example. Which adds value in the long run. Considering the possibilities, eliminating limitations.


And because the people from Team Ritra – not least thanks to our bespoke IT solutions – have excellent knowledge of the airfreight market too, we can often negotiate the most favourable conditions for transport too.


IT and people: Ritra’s core

We briefly mentioned IT already. Besides our people, this is the most important part of our company, and Ritra will always invest heavily in it. Because we have made all data related to transport available clearly and in real-time via TRACOS, with all forms and combinations of transport that are currently viable, our team can give you personal attention. And propose a personal solution, whichever logistical challenge you need our help with.


We know the market through and through, and we can respond to it, literally and figuratively. Because we love our jobs, we really do! Together with you and our partners, we will look for the most favourable solution for your transport needs. Not just transport from A to B, but service from A to Z.


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