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Freight, transport, warehousing: everything at hand

Freight, transport, warehousing: everything at hand

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In order to make your transport as efficient as possible, it makes sense to let a single party manage the entire process. Did you know that as well as sea and air freight transport, Ritra Cargo also offers warehousing, physical distribution and value-added services? We are here to make sure your business operations are worry-free, together with 3 reliable warehousing partners.



Everything is taken care of

Ritra Cargo is personal and innovative, and we have been this way for more than 30 years. A transparent organisation, with short lines of communication, represented in 42 countries. At Ritra, the customer always comes first! As you would expect from a freight forwarder, we offer a comprehensive package of services.


To maintain an understanding and overview of your stock management, we can arrange everything related to your transportation. Ritra manages your shipment from start to finish, without any intermediate steps, with a single designated contact person. Our in-house services shorten your lead time.


With all our expertise on site, we make sure that your goods reach their end destination quickly and without errors. For the most efficient transport process, Ritra can easily combine your sea– or air freight shipment with warehousing and distribution.



Who, what, where?

Our warehousing partners are based at three locations in the Netherlands: Oudenbosch, Bergschenhoek, and the third is just around the corner from us, in the Waalhaven (port district). By working with three different parties, each with their own expertise, we are in a position to offer many different services.


As such, the options are endless. For example, we can arrange (long-term) storage, goods clearance, stock management, and post-transport. It goes without saying that all warehouses are monitored 24/7 by a range of cameras.


Our partner in the Waalhaven has a team of 15 experts on location. This warehouse has 5000 pallet spaces. In addition, all trucks used are 100% electric. As well as normal forklifts, they also have a push and pull machine. A unique way to load a container, using slip sheets instead of pallets, which reduces the load volume.



Which service is best for you?

Ritra’s extra services are threefold: warehousing, physical distribution, and value-added services:


  1. Warehousing

Warehousing is the temporary storage of goods. Your goods are unloaded directly into one of our partner’s secure warehouses. Here, we check the cargo for damage, and the cartons are counted. After this, the goods are loaded onto Euro pallets. This is all done to your specific guidelines. You decide whether goods are sealed or not, and where we place any possible barcodes. We can also assist you with long-term storage of your goods, with availability at the warehouse in Oudenbosch.


  1. Value-added services

Our value-added services literally add extra value to your product. Sometimes there are mishaps during final processing of the cargo, such as incorrectly attached price stickers or labels. We ensure that this is corrected quickly at the warehouse, minimising any unnecessary delays to your onward delivery. Value-added services include: replacing labels, restickering or picking individual orders. If required, all these tasks can also be carried out by our agent on your behalf, in the country of origin.


  1. Physical distribution

From preparation in the warehouse to delivery to the customer: Physical distribution is all about warehouse management, stock management, and transport. Services on offer include cross-docking, checking and sorting, palletisation, storage, distribution, and value-added services. For these services, we work with regular, reliable carriers selected for their flexibility, quality, and price.



Would you like to make use of any of our warehousing services? Contact us without obligation!




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