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How does iSHARE work for shippers?

How does iSHARE work for shippers?

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Ritra Cargo is constantly working on the development of new and innovative solutions in the field of data sharing. For example, we have been involved in the development of the iSHARE system for a long time now. This new system will facilitate faster and more flexible transport. We will attend the IT & Logistics tradeshow as a forwarding agent who is closely involved in the development of the iSHARE system. Together with Portbase, Yellowstar, Secure Logistics and iSHARE, we will present a real-life case: how does iSHARE work for shippers? Allow us to explain!


iSHARE in practice

To many shippers, iSHARE is still a hard-to-grasp concept. How can this “system” make sure you receive your goods sooner? To explain how it works, we often use one of the following examples.

Example 1: A larger network of reliable transporters

Shippers often have to deal with tight deadlines. There is not a lot of spare time between the arrival of the goods and the agreed-upon delivery date. It is therefore essential to use the services of a forwarding agent who can quickly schedule transports. Furthermore, the available capacity is a constant factor as well. For example, the standard pool of transporters might not have any space available, especially during peak times. In that case, it is important to be able to switch to a different transporter quickly – without compromising the reliability of the delivery, of course.

iSHARE is a network in which all affiliated parties have to meet certain strict conditions. Furthermore, each party outlines who can use which data and for what purposes. This makes it possible to delegate transports safely and quickly in realtime. Even during the busiest time of the year, shipments will be delivered quickly – all without affecting the reliability of the service.


Example 2: Quicker deliveries with realtime updates

A shipment’s status updates often lag behind the actual status of the delivery. This is due to the many barriers that inhibit the effective sharing of data. Data can and/or may not be shared with everyone in the chain. As a result, status updates are delivered after the fact or not at all. This can lead to significant delays.

Take the example of an exempted container. Before it can leave the terminal, all stakeholders must first be notified of its exempt status. If the container is not exempted until the end of the day, this can easily add an extra day to the delivery time. The parties in the iSHARE network will receive realtime status updates about shipments. This allows the forwarding agent to schedule the transport right away. In a market in which speed is of the essence, that makes all the difference.


Visit us during the IT & Logistics tradeshow

Would you like to learn more about these and other advantages of iSHARE for shippers? We look forward to seeing you during the IT & Logistics tradeshow on 7 and 8 November 2018, where you can attend multiple sessions about this topic. Registration is free at www.ict-en-logistiek.nl.


iSHARE is an initiative of Topsector Logistics.


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