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How much CO2 does one consignment emit?

How much CO2 does one consignment emit?

Roswitha Roos

How large is the CO2 footprint of one consignment’s complete transport journey? For her graduation project, Rozwitha Roos investigates how this could be calculated. “A hot topic that is gaining a lot of momentum right now, especially in retail”, says Rozwitha. With this research, Ritra Cargo wishes to help customers make more informed and conscious transport decisions, and contribute to a cleaner environment at the same time. What are the expectations for Rozwitha’s graduation project?


Ground-breaking research

Sustainability has been the focus of global attention for some time, and this focus is also on the rise in logistics. There are already shipping companies that list the volume of CO2 emitted by a containership transport from A to B. However, a calculation for the entire route is not available anywhere as yet. Together with Rozwitha, Ritra Cargo wants to be the first freight forwarder to change this.

Rozwitha: “The aim of the study is a structured calculation model that can clarify in advance how much CO2 is emitted during transport of your products. All the way from the factory in the country of origin to the customer’s delivery address. It will allow customers to include sustainability as a factor in their choice of transport method. It is unique for a freight forwarder to offer this insight and it will certainly set them apart.”

The calculation model can calculate the CO2 emissions for transport via sea freight, air freight, road freight or a combination of these. This will initially only be possible for import shipments. However, it could be possible that figures for export shipments and cross-trade shipments are available soon as well.


Many significant factors

Transporting a shipment from A to B is an intricate process. Think of the pre-carriage stage, main transport, post-carriage and feeder processes. Calculating the total CO2 emissions along this entire route is complicated, as there are many factors to consider. This could include the type of fuel, aircraft or vessel, and a possible switch between modalities. It makes the creation of the calculation model and complex process.

Rozwitha: “Charting all data required for calculating the CO2 footprint will be my biggest challenge. I have to take many factors into account which makes the research complex, but also a lot of fun. Something new crosses my path every day. In addition, I also have to be given access to all required data. I am really striving for a study that is as reliable as possible.”

In other words, putting together the calculation model demands incredible attention to detail. Also, the required data must be available already or be made available. Only then can a reliable calculation model emerge that can calculate the CO2 emissions of one shipment’s entire transport journey.


Insight into CO2 emissions guides operational management

There is a growing need for insight into the effects of business activities on the environment. Not just from organisations, but also from consumers. It is something we regularly hear from our customers too. This was the initial motivation for Rozwitha’s research. Insight into the CO2 footprint allows importers to make more conscious transportation choices.

Rozwitha: “Some customers would opt for a more environmentally friendly transport method if they knew the difference in CO2 emissions. Price is a more important factor for others. In any case, you are giving customers food for thought and that is always an important achievement. It’s great for a freight forwarder to be able to fulfil that role.”


About Rozwitha

Rozwitha Roos is 26 years of age and from Rotterdam. She is in the last year of a “Logistics Management” course at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. For her graduation project, she was looking for an innovative topic that would offer her lots of new learning opportunities. She found exactly that at Ritra Cargo.

But it wasn’t just the assignment topic that was important to Rozwitha in her choice of internship. She also valued the company culture on site. Luckily, she clicked with Ritra Cargo.

Rozwitha: “I didn’t much enjoy a previous internship, so I was extra careful to pay attention to the company culture this time. The office and the people at Ritra Cargo exude calmness and openness. It gave me a good feeling immediately. Also, it’s nice to see that my research is really near and dear to my colleagues. They take time to answer my questions and are always willing to help me. This adds to the certainty that something will really be done with the results of my study.”

Team Ritra Cargo wishes Rozwitha lots of success with the continuation of her graduation project!


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