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Hogeschool Utrecht ICT students experience the dynamic world of logistics at Ritra Cargo

Hogeschool Utrecht ICT students experience the dynamic world of logistics at Ritra Cargo

‘ICT in logistics’, this was the central theme during Hogeschool Utrecht’s visit to Ritra Cargo. This company visit was organized on location in conjunction with Yellowstar. For many years now Yellowstar has been our ICT solutions development partner.

Oracle APEX in the work field

Various presentations were given by both parties, with the primary focus being on the Traffic Control System (TCS). This PO management tool for supply chain management is built with Oracle APEX. The main principle here being that of providing realtime insights and management for the client, shippers and agents. Such realtime insight is increasingly a requirement of importers and exporters.

“For students, it is important to see how APEX would be used in the professional field, and to ensure they don’t only take lessons because ‘they have to for school’”, according to teacher Rik.


Logistics and ICT belong together

ICT students Hogeschool Utrecht visit Ritra CargoAd and Marjolein of Ritra Cargo spoke about the need for ICT solutions in logistics. Ad spoke predominantly about how this applies to the transportation supply chain. Marjolein, based on her experience in her marketing role, highlighted the client’s need for supply chain management solutions such as the TCS.

Yvonne and Orfeo of Yellowstar provided a glimpse into Oracle APEX. In addition to a demonstration of TCS, Yellowstar’s developers also showed how to quickly put together a mobile app with this development tool. In this way, students could see the value of Oracle APEX, as experienced in the field.

The students provided many questions and the reaction was a very enthusiastic one. As one student so nicely put it; the image of Oracle APEX changed from that of something considered “a bit silly” to “what a lot of possibilities!” After the presentations they had a good understanding of how the logistics sector could not continue to function without supply chain management solutions. In the future, this will only grow in importance. This was, without doubt, an extremely successful day.


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