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Import declaration checks – results for 2017

Import declaration checks – results for 2017

Resultaten importaangiften 2017

Every year, our declaration department draws up thousands of import declarations. Producing flawless work is paramount to this, to prevent goods from being delayed. The internal checks carried out in the context of our AEO certification assess, among other things, our performance in the area of import declarations. We would like to share the latest results with you.


Good marks for Ritra Cargo import declarations

Customs aims at checking 5% of all import declarations annually. In 2017, only 1.5% of a total of 12,437 declarations drawn up at Ritra Cargo were selected for this purpose. This score is above average.

Ever since 2011, less than 2% of the goods declared have been requested for checking. This is way below the national average of 5%. Ritra Cargo owes its excellent score to the fact that we make few mistakes in import declarations. This has won us a good reputation with customs. Goods imported through us are therefore less often checked.


Which goods are checked?

Customs decide which goods are checked. This is often done at random, but may also be targeted sometimes. In the event of targeted checks, goods originating from certain countries or a specific product is selected for checking. For example, last May we reported that additional customs checks on imported clothes would be taking place. In addition, the reputation of the party drawing up the import declaration often plays an important part in the selection.

Goods selected for checking always suffer delays. This is 2-3 days on average in case of a document check, and the delay may even run up to 4 or 5 days in case of a physical check. Once selected, there is, unfortunately, nothing that can be done about it anymore.


More information

If you have any questions about our service provision in the area of import declarations, view this service or contact us directly.


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