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Importing from China highlighted: A visit by Cargo Services

Importing from China highlighted: A visit by Cargo Services

Importeren uit China - Bezoek CS aan Nederland

With 16 offices in all important harbour and production sites, our agent Cargo Services is one of the 25 biggest logistics service providers in China. They have been our steadfast partner for over 20 years. Because of this, we can quickly and reliably import goods from China. Nico from Cargo Services recently visited us in the Netherlands. The central theme of this visit was the further reinforcement and improvement of our collaboration.


Visiting clients together

An important part of Nico’s visit consisted of visiting clients. Accompanied by several Ritra colleagues, she visited clients that import goods from China. Nico told them about Cargo Services, their approach in China and relevant services for the client in question. Apart from making acquaintances, the visits were, of course, also meant to improve the current collaboration. This topic was also thoroughly discussed.


Improve digital collaboration

Apart from the client visits, ICT was also an important agenda item. Cargo Services China has worked with Ritra Cargo’s PO management tool, the Traffic Control System, for many years. Clients, agents and forwarders can use this to view and manage the inbound logistics of their China cargo. That way, the entire process of importing goods from China is comprehensible for all parties.

As a frequent user of TCS, Nico is an important sounding board. She discussed the possible improvements she had in mind for TCS with our ICT specialists. That way, import from China will become even smoother in the future.


Developments for railway import from China

It is expected that 18% of all containers will be transported by railway in 2030. It is no surprise, then, that imports from China are increasingly transported by railway. Cargo Services has also noticed that railway transport to the Netherlands has increased, and keeps a watchful eye on developments in this area.

For example, Hanging Garment (GOH) containers are now available for people who are looking for railway import from China. For many retailers, this is a very pleasant manner of transporting garments. In addition, the number of departing trains and the number of destinations are increasing. This means railway transport is becoming an increasingly interesting option for parties who want to import goods from China.


Reinforcing the mutual connection

Many colleagues have daily contact with Cargo Services and, by extension, Nico. This made it especially pleasant and beneficial to meet each other in real life!

Various activities with colleagues were planned, such as a trip to the Kinderdijk mills. Nico was looking forward to marvel at these historical mills! She was also treated to dinner by colleagues every evening. Apart from the necessary discussions and visits, these kind of trips were just as important as the other parts of Nico’s visit to the Netherlands.


Importing goods from China: about Cargo Services

Cargo Services is a big player in China when it comes to both ocean and air transport. With 16 offices in China and Hong Kong, as well as locations and agents all over the world, they can fully unburden clients when it comes to China cargo. In 2017, they were one of the 25 largest logistics service providers in the country. When it comes to air transport, they were even in the top 15. There is a good reason why they have been our steadfast partner for all goods we import from China for over 20 years.


An important specialisation of Cargo Services is fashion cargo. They have a significant number of facilities to expertly transport and store this type of goods. These include, for example, dust-free warehouses with controlled humidity and temperatures. Garments can also be transported in Garment on Hanger (GOH) containers. They have even developed their own, innovative, foldable GOH system for this. On top of that, they can also arrange scan pack, labelling and pick & pack in China.


Want to know more about importing from China? Go to our page, or directly contact us.


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