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Increase of customs checks on Binding Tariff Information (BTI)

Increase of customs checks on Binding Tariff Information (BTI)

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If you are not exactly sure which commodity code applies to the product you wish to import, you could apply for a Binding Tariff Information decision (BTI). This is, as the name suggests, binding and must be used when making a customs declaration. From the autumn, customs will be stricter in enforcing the above. Does Ritra Cargo manage the clearance of your goods? Then don’t forget to inform us of the BTI too.


What is a BTI

When clearing goods, it is mandatory to provide an accompanying commodity code. If you provide the wrong code, the declaration is incorrect – with all the consequences this entails. For this reason, importers can opt to apply for a BTI from customs in case of doubt.

BTI applications create certainty but also carry some obligations. For instance, you are obliged to use the BTI in your declaration and must not deviate from the advisory commodity code. Does another party, such as Ritra Cargo, manage the clearance of your goods? Remember it is necessary to inform them about your BTI too. In 2019, customs will start to carry out stricter checks on the use of requested BTIs in clearance declarations.


When should you apply for a BTI?

There are several situations in which applying for a BTI from customs may be the sensible option. It could be useful when importing a new type of product. Also, the certainty of a correct commodity code for a large consignment of the same type of goods may be a valid reason. What’s more, a BTI means the import duty costs are immediately clear.

An application for a BTI is not a simple process and is therefore usually best dealt with by an expert. If you have any questions about the BTI or if you need help with an application, our customs declarants would be pleased to assist you.


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