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India develops a transit harbor in Vizhinjam

India develops a transit harbor in Vizhinjam

In 2018, Asia will add a new transit port. At the moment, Dubai, Singapore and Colombo handle most of the transshipment cargo. In a few years’ time, Vizhinjam will be able to do this as well. By building this new transit port, India aims to boost its position as a trade and transport nation.

Plans to build the transit port have already been around for 25 years. Vizhinjam offers many advantages as a location. The port can operate under almost all weather conditions. The geographical position is also beneficial, as Vizhinjam is only 10 miles away from the international shipping lane. Finally, the depth of the sea around the transit port makes it suitable for the future generations of mega container ships.

The project has been turned down by investors multiple times in the past. However, this time around, the Indian government has committed to investing a quarter billion dollars in the construction of the port. This investment has in turn been the decisive factor for the Adani Group to continue the project.

An airport is situated close to the future port of Vizhinjam. This will enable consignments to utilize the faster sea/air transport possibilities.

Vizhinjam transit harbor India

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