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Innovation is best done together

Innovation is best done together

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The world of logistics is facing rapid change and major challenges. Especially when it comes to digitisation and technology. These are subjects that Ritra Cargo is continually occupied with. After all, innovation in these areas is desperately needed to ensure clients continue to enjoy the level of service they have become accustomed to. So what is the state of play in the world of logistics, which developments have we seen recently, and what’s in the pipeline?


Study of innovation within logistics organisations

Most logistics organisations are a hotbed of new ideas. However, very few of these insights are actually implemented successfully. And that means innovation tends to lag. The University For Intelligent Enterprise (Universiteit Voor Intelligent Ondernemen) and TKI Dinalog recently published a study into social innovation within logistics organisations. A select group of prominent leaders in the field of logistics were interviewed for the study, including our CEO Ad Schoenmakers. The assumption was that the organisational culture and context were likely to accelerate innovation.


The interview with Ad underlined how dramatically Ritra Cargo has grown as an organisation over the years. From an effective organisation, to an efficient and ultimately fully market-integrated organisation. This is primarily down to Ritra Cargo’s focus on a positive internal culture. What’s more, processes like ICT are set up in such a way that they are seamlessly geared to the needs of not just employees and clients but also of partners. And that means that innovations are much more likely to become successful.


The study further resulted in a number of valuable recommendations for promoting innovations in the logistics sector. Read the full report here (Dutch).


Improving the Supply Chain Management Platform

Ritra Cargo’s Traffic Control System (TCS) has been providing clients with greater insight into their entire supply chain for many years already. The system enables shipments and order levels to be managed. The functionalities of TCS were developed from the word go in consultation with clients, partners and employees. As a result, this PO-management tool has become truly comprehensive. The disadvantage of this is that it is sometimes difficult to maintain an overview. For that reason, Ritra Cargo has initiated an intensive process that aims to improve the user experience.


Over the last few months, a number of colleagues have entered dialogue with TCS users together with an external Design Professional. How do they use this PO-management tool and what are its strengths and weaknesses? Based on this feedback, a new operating environment has been designed with the focus being entirely on optimising the user experience. Check out the small preview below of how it is going to look.


PO-management tool freight forwarder Ritra Cargo


The upgraded TCS goes live later this year.


EDI interfaces with clients and partners

Using the latest technologies, it’s no longer necessary to type data over from system to system. Via an EDI interface, data can be exchanged automatically. This saves time and money and eliminates errors. However, not every organisation is ready to integrate it. And that’s why Ritra Cargo is facilitating its clients – and partners – where necessary with simply setting up EDI interfaces.


Here are a number of examples of parties with which Ritra Cargo already has an EDI interface:
  • Portbase and Cargonaut: this allows for the realtime exchange of all data, such as customs status and shipment ETA
  • Various Transport Management Systems (TMS): this means we can exchange transport data automatically with carriers
  • Exact Online: includes exchange of current inventories and web-shop orders


Additionally more and more clients are being connected via EDI to the Traffic Control System. This allows them to manage and access shipments in realtime, but also makes this data available in their own operating environment. Because we manage and set up all EDI interfaces in-house, there is a wide array of possibilities and our partners benefit a great deal.


Want to know more about innovations in the world of logistics and at Ritra Cargo? Then contact us.


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