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ASK@RITRA reporting system

As an importer you of course want to have an overview on your shipments. That can present a challenge when you have dozens of them per month. Our reporting system ASK@RITRA takes this task out of your hands.


Automatically generated Excel charts

ASK@RITRA automatically generates Excel charts. These are emailed to you at pre-arranged times and can be consulted 24/7. In this overview you can retrieve all the important freight information:

  • IDs of shipments
  • (Amended) ETA’s of shipments
  • Status on board to Rotterdam confirmed/not confirmed
  • Planned delivery day and time for your goods


Unique to ASK@RITRA, is that reports are automatically generated. Therefore, you always have access to real-time delivery information. In addition, changes to ETA and status on board are automatically marked. Therefore, with one glance, you can be certain of when to expect your goods.


ASK@RITRA is completely free to use for all of our clients.


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