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Freight forwarder China

Ritra Cargo is a worldwide freight forwarder active in more than 42 countries. In China, we work in close partnership with a highly reliable and proactive shipping agent who have been our local partner for sea freight, air freight and rail transport China for over 20 years. IT is central to this partnership and data are exchanged using EDI.

As a freight forwarder China, we have 25 sites in all the most important harbours and production locations, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Xiamen. Your personal contact at Ritra Cargo will take care of the entire transportation process from or to China. This process begins the moment you order, and involves offering you the most suitable transport schedule up to and including delivery at the final destination.

  • Xi'an
  • Zhengzhou
  • Hefei
  • Chengdu
  • Hongkong
  • Shenzhen
  • Xiamen
  • Fuzhou
  • Guangzhou
  • Ningbo
  • Shanghai
  • Nanjing
  • Qingdao
  • Dalian
  • Tianjin
  • Beijing
  • Wuhan

Characteristics of China

As a freight forwarder China, we have deliberately elected to partner with a shipping agent that has its own offices in all the important locations, and is also able to offer a wide range of services. This enables you to book your sea, air and rail freight at just one single service point, both for import and export China.

‘Value added’ logistics, such as sorted loading, palletising, labelling and repackaging are also part of our logistic services China. We are experts in the fashion industry and have built up massive experience in that field. We regularly handle the transportation of ‘hanging garments’ containers for sea freight China import, but we also offer extra services such as labelling, pick & pack and distribution within China.


Fashion freight forwarder China

Ritra Cargo has many years of experience as a fashion freight forwarder company in China. We can handle all activities connected with fashion goods transport from and to China. We have an extremely experienced team available with in-depth knowledge of the market. As a freight forwarder company we know what drives you.

We offer a number of important value added logistics services for your fashion goods transport such as:

  • Pick and pack services
  • Labelling
  • Hanging Garments
  • Sorted loading
  • Palletising and sealing

We also offer an online communication platform where you can manage and track PO management (Purchase Order) from booking by your supplier up to and including delivery at the final destination. We can also manage buyer consolidation or cross-trade to other destinations, such as Australia, South-America, Africa or the US for you.

Logistics services China

Our logistics services in China are wide-ranging. If you need to import from China, we offer a complete package of services. We also manage export to China, cross-trade, FCL and consolidation. Need sea freight, air freight or rail transport China? It all depends what is best for your specific consignment. Logistics service provider Ritra Cargo is more than just a link between the client and the carrier. We also offer a great deal of experience in the fields of supply chain management, complete customs declaration, value added logistics, physical distribution and warehousing.

China import

If you wish to import goods from China, there comes a point where you have to think about transport. You will need a freight forwarder China. Ritra Cargo is a freight forwarder company that can take care of everything and advise you of the most efficient route and method for your aerial transport or sea freight China. We also handle all activities and required documentation for seamless import from China, such as the customs declaration when you import goods.

Sea freight China

Freight forwarder company Ritra Cargo will organise transport of your sea cargo all over the world, including to and from China. Our team knows the best routes for your sea freight China and ensures you are always up to date regarding the status of your consignments. Our expertise, flawless handling and accurate information supply ensure our customers always have a good overview of their transport China and are in a position to meet delivery agreements with final recipients.

Air freight China

Logistics service provider Ritra Cargo is the perfect partner if you wish to transport your goods from and to China by aerial transport. We have wide-ranging knowledge of the ever changing schedules and transit times and will always offer you the most reliable and suitable flights for your air freight China. As our client, your needs are always central to our endeavours and you will be allocated a dedicated account manager for the entire logistics operation surrounding your air freight China.

Ritra Cargo: the freight forwarder China

Whether it’s rail transport, sea freight or air freight China, for import or export China, worldwide freight forwarder Ritra Cargo is the place to be! We’ll handle every step of your transport China. Would you like to know more about our logistics services or engage us as your freight forwarder China? Please feel free to contact us.

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