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Freight forwarder Ethiopia

The specialist in business transport Ethiopia

If you need a freight forwarder Ethiopia, Ritra Cargo is your ideal partner. As a worldwide freight forwarder, we are active in more than 42 countries and we always use a reliable shipping agent. We have enjoyed a successful working relationship with our partners in Ethiopia for some time now, which means we can help you with your sea and air freight Ethiopia.

If you decide to choose Ritra Cargo as your freight forwarder Ethiopia for goods transport, you will have a personal point of contact for the entire logistics operation. We will handle everything from the moment the order is placed to delivery at the final destination. Transport Ethiopia has never been so easy.

  • Addis Abeba
  • Kality
  • Adama
  • Hawassa
  • Djibouti

Characteristics of Ethiopia as a country

Our shipping agent in Ethiopia has five facilities in strategic locations around the country and is able to provide a range of services. The head office is in Addis Abeba, with facilities in Kality, Adama and Hawassa. There is also a site in the port of Djibouti. Thus, we have in-depth knowledge of the local market and we are in a position to make strong and unambiguous agreements with local suppliers, which is important for companies engaged in import from Ethiopia. Ethiopia is currently very much an up-and-coming producer in the garments market, so the chances are you will need a freight forwarder company in this country.

As in other countries where we operate as a logistics service provider, you can opt for ‘Value Added’ logistics in Ethiopia such as sorted loading, a pick & pack service, labelling, palleting and sealing consignments for export Ethiopia.

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Logistic services Ethiopia

Choose Ritra Cargo for all your logistics matters relating to transporting goods to and from Ethiopia. Use us for your import or export Ethiopia and enjoy our complete range of services. This includes, for example FCL, buyer consolidation and cross-trade. Cross-trade means we can arrange for immediate shipping to various countries and regions such as Australia, the United States, New Zealand, South Africa and South America. As a logistics service provider, we are an important link between client and carrier and at the same time we offer expertise in customs declaration, physical distribution, value added logistics and warehousing. Ritra Cargo offers all the necessary logistics services you might need surrounding your sea freight or air freight Ethiopia.

Import Ethiopia

If you want to import goods from Ethiopia, transport is one element you will need to consider. An experienced freight forwarder company such as Ritra Cargo is able to take on a large part of your workload. We can make all the necessary arrangements and ensure you receive professional advice regarding the most efficient routes and methods for your import Ethiopia. As your freight forwarder Ethiopia, we will also take care of all operations and documentation needed for seamless air freight or sea freight Ethiopia (such as handling the customs declaration for your transport Ethiopia).

Air freight Ethiopia

If you need aerial transport to or from Ethiopia, you will be relieved to be able to call on the expertise of Ritra Cargo as freight forwarder Ethiopia. Despite ever-changing schedules and transit times, we can find the best and most reliable flights at any time for your transport Ethiopia. Your requirements are central to our endeavours. Engage freight forwarder company Ritra Cargo for your transport from and to Ethiopia and discover our wide range of tailored services for when you need to export or import goods from Ethiopia.

Sea freight Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a landlocked region. That is why all sea freight to and from Ethiopia is handled via neighbouring country Djibouti. All shipments are directly sent to and from Ethiopia by freight truck and shipped via the port of Djibouti. Rely on our highly-experienced and motivated team with thorough knowledge of the right routes and roads for your sea freight Ethiopia. Exactly as you can expect from a freight forwarder company.

Due to the large distance to Djibouti, sea freight transport from and to Ethiopia is only possible by 20’ or 40’ foot FCL container. Covering this thousand-kilometre route for smaller cargos is highly expensive. This is why aerial transport is a better option for small shipments than sea freight. Our team is happy to advise you on your specific situation. As a worldwide freight forwarder, we have all the required knowledge at our disposal!

Ritra Cargo: the freight forwarder Ethiopia

Contact Ritra Cargo to be your Ethiopia forwarder now or request additional information about our logistics services. Whether it’s sea freight Ethiopia or air freight Ethiopia, we are happy to handle your goods transport. Please feel free to contact us obligation-free regarding your transport Ethiopia.

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