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If you have bought products in Thailand or sold them to a buyer in Thailand, a forwarding agent Thailand is no luxury. By choosing logistics service provider Ritra Cargo, you can be sure that everything concerning your shipment will be properly taken care of. We operate in more than 42 countries worldwide and use highly reliable local agencies in every location. We have also been working with our agent in Thailand to our full satisfaction for many years. Let us serve you with sea and air freight to and from Thailand. Our cooperation is largely ICT-driven. For instance, we use data exchange by EDI and online PO management is also an important part of our digital service.

Those who choose Ritra Cargo will always have a personal point of contact for the complete transport to and from Thailand. We ensure that everything is taken care of down to the last detail. This starts from the very first order moment and goes even further than the final delivery at the destination. We are always at your disposal, before, during and after delivery.

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