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Freight forwarder Vietnam

The specialist in transportation to and from Vietnam

Are you looking for a freight forwarder in Vietnam? Ritra Cargo operates as a worldwide freight forwarder in more than 42 countries. For this, we make use of reliable local agencies. In Vietnam, our agency is headed by European management, and we have successfully worked with them for many years. Therefore, we can also take care of everything related to the loading of air and sea freight in Vietnam, always focussing on our ICT-driven collaboration. Data exchange via EDI, online PO management: these are just some examples of our digital solutions.

Ritra Cargo and its agency provide a personal contact person to ensure the complete transport process for importing and exporting to and from Vietnam runs smoothly. From the first moment of the order, to the final delivery at the final destination: you can be assured that everything is properly organised.

  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hanoi
  • Danang
  • Quinhon

Characteristics of Vietnam as a country

As a freight forwarder Vietnam, it is important to always do a good job, wherever we are. This is why we have worked exclusively with our agent for many years. With branches in four strategic locations in Vietnam, this agency is deployable in several areas. Their knowledge of the local market enables them to easily enter into suitable and clear agreements with local suppliers. Ritra Cargo and its partners provide you with a one-stop shop for all your sea and air freight shipments and you can choose from various ‘Value-added’ logistics for your products: from suspended transport, sorted loading and a pick & pack service, to labelling, palletising and sealing of export shipments.

Logistics services Vietnam

Get in touch with us for all logistic matters related to transport to and from Vietnam. If you entrust your shipments to and from this country to us, you benefit from our complete range of services. From LCL, FCL, groupage, and sea/air service to buyer consolidation and cross trade. In cross trade, we provide direct shipment to various countries and regions. Examples include Australia, the USA, New Zealand, South Africa and South America. In addition to being an important link between customers and carriers, we also know a lot about supply chain management, the entire customs clearance process, physical distribution and warehousing.

Importing from Vietnam

Are you importing goods from Vietnam? Transportation is always part of that. If you choose a very experienced freight forwarder Vietnam to take the work off your hands, you can be sure everything is well organised. We provide you with professional advice on, for example, the most efficient routes and methods. We will also take care of all the formalities and documentation required to be able import goods from Vietnam with peace of mind. This includes, for example, making a customs declaration for your imports.

Air freight Vietnam

For air transport, it is also advisable to engage Ritra Cargo to act as freight forwarder Vietnam. Changing schedules and transit times? We keep a close eye on them for you, so we can always find the correct and most reliable flights. Your needs are our starting point and you benefit from customised services with Ritra Cargo. We commit to our offers and always honour our commitments.

Sea freight Vietnam

Transportation to and from Vietnam also includes sea freight, of course. As freight forwarder Vietnam, we have a highly motivated team. They have the knowledge of the correct routes and roads, just as you would expect from a freight forwarder. You can track your shipments digitally so you are always up to date of their current status. Benefit from our expertise in sea freight, the provision of clear and accurate information, and the way we treat you appropriately. This enables you to meet any delivery agreements with your final recipients.

Would you like to call in Ritra Cargo as freight forwarder Vietnam, or would you first like to get some more information about our logistics services?

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