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Last minute labelling job by import agent Martin

Last minute labelling job by import agent Martin

Regularly clients come to us with urgent requests. Like last week. Right before the weekend a large delivery from China was due to arrive. This had to be shipped to seven European countries, the following Tuesday. In itself, not an exceptional request. However, there were still quite some things to be done before the transport could be organized.


Stickers, barcodes and transport

The gaming-related products needed to be made ready for stores in 7 European countries. In China, no stickers had been placed on the consumer packaging, something that should have happened. In addition, the barcodes weren’t correct. Our client had the following wishes:

  • Provide 5.532 boxes with a new barcode
  • Of these boxes, 33,192 products had to be labelled, in one of seven languages
  • The shipment had to be ready for transport within 4 days
  • Distribution to 7 European countries

7 men and 32 hours of labellingImport expediteur Martin - Ritra Cargo

As the main contact of the client, import agent Martin started working on the request immediately. In no time, he had gathered together a team and 7 men got to work that same evening in the warehouse. They were responsible for the stickers and barcodes.

The labels were stuck on a specific place on the consumer packaging. Then the labeled products were put back, 6 in a box, which had been given a new barcode. This could be made locally according to the specifications of the customer. The labelling of all 33,192 cases was completed within four days.


Distribution within Europe

The last step was the shipping of the products to the European countries. Transport to Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, England, France, and within the Netherlands was organised. For this, Martin took to our regular distribution partners. In the end he ensured that all 32,192 products landed in-store, on time and as required by the customer.


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