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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

At Ritra Cargo, we believe that goods transport is much more than moving goods from A to B. You are a constant source of inspiration to us: each cargo has its own unique story. We are commited to efficient, fair, sustainable and transparent transport. What’s more, we have believed in a personal approach for over 35 years. Mutual trust is and will always be the foundation of our collaboration.


At Ritra, we believe it is important to listen carefully to you and to listen to each other. Doing business involves companies that are represented by people. We value customisation and regularly meet unique requirements. Personal contact and know-your-customer remains essential for a successful result. That is why every customer has a dedicated point of contact. Our team consists of 40 loyal employees, many of whom have been with us for many years.

Customisation is our standard

Our wealth of knowledge, expertise, experience, and commitment sets Ritra Cargo apart from others. We use a framework, similar to a menu. Every customer starts with an appetiser and finishes with a dessert from the menu. The dishes in between are your choice. Because on top of our comprehensive, beyond-standard service, Ritra Cargo starts with your needs. What’s more, we are also keen to work with you to find improvements you could implement in your logistics chain.


The role of technology and digitisation in the logistics sector is increasing. We are committed to ensuring that you are and stay informed of all the options related to digitisation. We are continually developing our smart, versatile and self-developed ICT solution TRACOS, so that both your and our people are always up to date. And not just you and us: our agents and your suppliers can also be linked into this software. This way, we provide transparency throughout your entire logistics chain.

Reliable and engaged

Our large and reliable network of local agents in every Asian port city ensures that Ritra can transport your cargo in more than 42 countries across the globe. We participate in leading platforms in the logistics sector, including Portbase and various FENEX (customs) steering committees. In addition, we have been AEO-certified for many years. This means we can spot any issues in time, we are always up to date, and we make a significant contribution to developments that matter to you.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ritra Cargo believes it is important to contribute to society. To achieve this, we undertake several initiatives. For example, our efforts towards sustainability in the workplace are always ongoing, including:

  • Digital files and invoicing
  • Use of sustainable materials for gifts and office stationery
  • Our company fleet consists exclusively of electric vehicles
  • We raise awareness of sustainable transport opportunities among our partners and suppliers
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