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Our approach

Our approach

At Ritra Cargo, the personal connection with our customers is paramount. As such, the way we work is characterised by short lines of communication, proactive provision of information, and transparency. What’s more, we believe in the power of technology. Let’s make life easier for ypu (and ourselves)!

Alle expertise within our 4 walls

As you would expect from a freight forwarder, Ritra Cargo offers you a comprehensive service range. These services include sea freight, air freight and customs declarations. We can also help you with value-added services, such as Pick& Pack, and Supple Chain Management solutions. We ensure that your goods arrive at their final destination quickly and without any issues, and without any subsequent surprises.


A single point of contact for all your business

In some companies, one contact arranges your LCL shipments, another who looks after FCL, and a third person does your road transport. That sounds cumbersome. At Ritra Cargo, you have a single contact for all your shipments. He or she is your dedicated point of contact and will arrange everything for you. So convenient! If you regular contact has time off, a well-informed regular back-up serves as a stand-in.


Are you looking for more insight and control in your transport chain? Ritra’s supply chain platform TRACOS is the ultimate online tool that provides you with real-time information about your shipment. No container number at hand? No problem with TRACOS. This information includes loading date, arrival date and delivery date. It doesn’t get any faster or more transparent. We work with your data, all the way to PO level.

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