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Myanmar trade severely affected by military coup

Myanmar trade severely affected by military coup

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At the start of this month, a state of emergency was announced in Myanmar. This was in response to the army coup on 1 February 2021. The result is that a large part of the population joined the Civil Disobedience Movement Myanmar (CDMM). These demonstrators are downing tools en masse. Do you transport goods to or from Myanmar? You will have to take severe restrictions into account.  


CDMM all but brings trade to a standstill

The coup in Myanmar has led to mass protests. People across the country have joined the CDMM and are taking part in strikes. This includes drivers, customs officials, workers at sea ports and airports, and bank employees. It has more or less caused a standstill in trade to and from Myanmar.


Many agencies and official organisations in Myanmar, including banks, were still closed last week. Our agent informs us this is no longer the case. All official organisations and authorities are open once again. However, it is estimated that only 25% of people have returned to work. The consequences are major:
  • It is nearly impossible to obtain necessary transport documentation
  • There are severe delays in activities at sea ports and airports
  • Flight schedules are changes regularly


The large-scale strikes are making trade with Myanmar all but impossible at this time. Do you currently have goods either on their way to or coming back from Myanmar? It goes without saying we will make every effort to ensure your inconvenience is kept to a minimum.


Daily update on Myanmar situation

As long as the CDMM remains active, trade with Myanmar will be limited. We are receiving daily updates from our agent on location. Your Ritra Cargo contact person can keep you up to date with the latest developments, if you wish.


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