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New digitisation boost for airfreight export

New digitisation boost for airfreight export

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From 1 September, “Digital Pre-notification” will be the new standard at Schiphol. This will significantly reduce the delivery time of export goods for airfreight to the airport operators. It is an important chain-wide digitisation boost that benefits everyone. 


Why Digital Pre-notification?

The operators at Schiphol never have absolute clarity about what goods are being delivered and when. This means freight handling is difficult to plan. Digital Pre-notification will change this. From now on, operators will know exactly what goods are being delivered when. Freight handling at Schiphol is about to become much easier to plan. This will significantly reduce the delivery time of export goods for airfreight.


What’s more, there are plenty of additional advantages to Digital Pre-notification. It is less prone to errors, and more sustainable, transparent, reliable and also safer. The processes for export freight handling at Schiphol will be much improved.


A new standard in airfreight

Digital Pre-notification is part of the eLink project. One of the initiators is the industry association for the airfreight industry, the ACN. Together with Schiphol and Cargonaut, they developed this new benchmark for freight handling.


As an airfreight forwarder, Ritra Cargo is committed to start using Digital Pre-notification as much as possible straight away. To this end, our colleague John Bouwmeester signed the so-called “Digital Pre-notification Best Effort Statement” on 15 June this year. He told ACN:


John Bouwmeester, Air Export Manager: “At Ritra Cargo, we are convinced that data-sharing and the logistics sector are inextricably linked. It ensures efficiency and transparency throughout the entire chain. This certainly applies to Digital Pre-notification of local export freight. We feel that one of the biggest advantages is the time we save. Our clients’ goods can now be delivered to the hangar at Schiphol much faster. Ritra Cargo is a great supporter of using sector-wide smart data applications, such as Digital Pre-notification. We can all make sure the chain is transparent, safe and reliable!”


Digital Pre-notification heralds a great improvement to export freight handling. This will be the new standard at Schiphol airport from 1 September 2021.


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