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The 1,136 sustainable activities by Team Ritra Cargo

Adopt more sustainable habits. Not just at work, but at home too. This is exactly what the employees at Ritra Cargo have been doing intensively for the last 40 days. There were no half-measures, that much is clear. Together, we took part in 1,136 sustainable activities! From quicker showers to picking litter, and eating less meat. What impact have we made as a team? And how can we make sure the results are lasting?



What does the Shanghai lockdown mean for forwarders?

Due to the high level of omicron cases, work in the Shanghai docks has been at a standstill since the start of April. It won’t be long before this will also start to affect the other ports in China. What’s more, shipping companies have announced blank sailings, and congestion and delays are looming. How will this affect your shipments?   



Team Ritra Cargo enjoy “zwila” and vegan lunch together

The Ritra Cargo Footprint Challenge has started! This internal competition challenges us to think about our own behaviours when it comes to the environment. What is our personal footprint? And how about our company’s footprint? And most importantly: how can we reduce it? One thing is certain: this Footprint Challenge is teaching us a lot already! Which sustainable actions, tips & tricks have already emerged? And who are our first winners?



Impact of the war in the Ukraine for Dutch businesses

The war between Russia and the Ukraine has sadly been going on for a few weeks now. This war will have an impact on Europe as a whole. Dutch importers and exporters will also have to expect and manage changes, delays, and adjustments. Let us share our experiences so far, as well as our uncertainties.



Behind the scenes with air freight forwarder Kenneth

Below the smoky skies of Amsterdam, you can find the office of Ritra Cargo Schiphol. With a direct view of the landing strip, you can immediately tell what this place is all about: air freight. Kenneth has been one of the permanent members of our team for 9 years. In this interview, he will offer you a look behind the scenes. Will you read along?



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