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Severe delays and shortages from China

The ongoing situation in the Red Sea, the shortage of sea containers, and less available hold space on the Asia-Europe route, all demand a lot of determination from us as forwarders, but also from you as shippers. This article brings you up to date with the current situation. We will also give you a few tips on how to adapt and keep up with this challenging container market as much as possible.


Summer holidays cause traffic disruption

The summer holidays are just around the corner. In the Netherlands, these are spread by region across a number of predetermined weeks. This is not always the case in other European countries. Each country has its own way of determining summer holidays. To avoid chaos on the roads, there are several driving bans for trucks in place throughout the summer period. We have prepared an overview for you of what to bear in mind this summer.



New coalition puts brakes on sustainability efforts

It goes without saying that a new coalition brings with it different views and new plans. Yet, it still came as a surprise that the proposed cabinet has such a starkly different view on sustainability from its predecessors. What impact will this have – for example – on electric trucks, on excise duty, and on zero-emission driving? Here is our summary.



Problems sea freight from China

A lot of problems are expected in sea freight from China in the coming months. This is due to the ongoing situation in the Red Sea and the Middle East. Sea freight rates continue to rise, there is a shortage of empty containers and less space on ships.



Secure Chain offers safe haven

Drug-related crime has been a thorn in the side of the Port of Rotterdam for many years. At the end of April, the customs office will start an experiment allowing it to stay one step ahead of drug ‘extractors’. In addition, the business community, the government and customs have joined forces for an effective approach to combat crime. Together, they are now working in the ‘Secure Chain’. Ritra Cargo is participating in this initiative and is keen to explain how it works.



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