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Next level for automatic data exchange with carriers

Almost every carrier works with a Transport Management System (TMS) nowadays. Contrary to its name, a system like this often still requires plenty of manual input – wasting a lot of time and making the system prone to errors. This is why Ritra Cargo is working together with carriers on implementing automatic data exchange. What are the advantages for the daily shipments?



Students put Ritra Cargo IT business case into practice

A fresh look at logistics IT. A perfect task for the eyes of students taking a minor in Innovative Logistics & IT! Ritra Cargo likes working with educational institutions that offer logistics and IT courses. Over the last six months, it has been the turn of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The fourth-year minor students set out to work on a real Ritra business case.



Coronavirus and the situation in China

We previously informed you about the extension of the New Year’s holiday in China. The scale of the Coronavirus means issues are spreading across the globe. Luckily, plenty of work activities are slowly being resumed in China. Our Chinese agent Cargo Services keeps us updated on developments on a daily basis so that we can give you accurate information on the situation.



How can we improve international trade flows?

Those who trade internationally know that it’s a complicated business. In addition to transport, factors such as international legislation, Incoterms and customs legislation must also be taken into account. However, the further specification of these rules as defined at (inter)national level is not always favourable in practice. This is where trade associations such as FENEX come into play. What is the importance for forwarders and shippers of what is for many an unknown force?



Chinese New Year 2020: tips for importers

Update: Extension of Chinese New Year due to Coronavirus

In order to prevent the further outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus, the Chinese State Agency has announced an extension to the holidays around the Chinese New Year. With the exception of Hong Kong, an extension of 7 days has been set. This means that work will resume on 10 February. For Hong Kong this will be on 3 February. This of course also has implications for trade with China.