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Goodbye amazing team! Looking back with pride

After more than 26 years, I am leaving Ritra Cargo. At the end of an era, there is often a strong tendency to look back on what has been and perhaps what could have been. Of course there are anecdotes and tall tales. I guess they have a place. Looking at the Ritra organisation as it stands today and the passionate people who nurture and create it, I am proud to have been able to contribute to its development. Just like the other colleagues, before, with and after me.



Golden Week, current cargo supply and declining rates

China celebrates ‘Golden Week’ from 1 to 8 October. During this week, the entire country has a bank holiday and production is at a standstill. The large fluctuations in cargo supply around Golden Week tend to cause problems for importers. But with cargo supply declining and rates falling, everything seems to be better balanced this year. Can shippers finally have a rest?



Consequences of the strike in Felixstowe

In Felixstowe, the largest port in the United Kingdom, strikes have been ongoing since Sunday 21 August. Terminal company Hutchison Ports and the British union Unite are arguing over better employment conditions for almost 2000 port workers. There is a lot of sympathy from surrounding ports. How could this hamper your shipment?



Behind the scenes at import freight forwarder Dennis de Vos

The Rotterdam Waalhaven has been his work home for many years. First at the Van Weerden Poelmanweg, and for the last 4 years at the Albert Plesmanweg. But always with Ritra Cargo. He arrived in 1999 and never left. In this interview, you’ll take a look behind the scenes of import freight forwarder Dennis.



Why the information on your invoice is more important than you think

Each shipment you send is accompanied by an invoice. Makes sense, but it is often underestimated. Because what is actually important to include on an invoice? What should absolutely not be missing and what are the consequences of incorrect information for you? We are happy to explain which details are important for correct processing.



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