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Container issues: what are the expectations after the Chinese New Year?

There seems to be no end in sight for the issues plaguing container shipping. The lack of capacity is still significant and the tariffs are sky high. What are the prospects for the period ahead, and in particular for the period around the Chinese New Year?



Update: container shipping issues – daily tariffs and more delays

There seems to be no end in sight yet to the current chaos in container shipping. The shortage of containers is rising, as are the tariffs. Various media outlets interviewed our colleague Ad about the situation. In addition, rotation changes are causing considerable delays in unloading activities at the port of Rotterdam. What can you expect if you import goods from Asia?



What are the CO2 emissions of your freight transport?

How much CO2 does my freight transport produce? An increasing number of shipping companies value the answer to this question. In order to meet this demand, we already offered the option to request your transport route’s CO2 emissions for quite some time. Now, Ritra Cargo is going one step further. From the beginning of next year, your goods transport CO2 emissions will be listed on your invoice – working together towards a sustainable future.



The ideal planning assistant: Asian public holidays desk calendar

Delays, lack of capacity, and high tariffs. The situation caused by Asian public holidays is a nightmare for many importers. Luckily, the right knowledge can prevent a lot of this stress. Ritra Cargo has developed an Asian public holidays desk calendar especially for importers. Created with the help of our overseas agents, it is the most accurate and comprehensive list you will ever need: helping you to be prepared and prevent problems.



Looking ahead to Chinese New Year 2021

It may seem like a while away, but 12 February 2021 is the start of the Chinese New Year. This means the shipping routes from the Far East are incredibly busy. Delays and overflowing ships are already the order of the day right now. Unfortunately, the forecasts are not good. Be prepared now and adjust your planning for the Chinese New Year to help prevent problems.



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