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End-of-year interview with Martijn Berghout

The new year lies before us like a blank page. This is the perfect moment for reflection. In this end-of-year interview, we ask Martijn Berghout, Ritra Cargo’s co-owner and director, to reflect upon the past year. In addition, we are of course curious about current developments within Ritra Cargo as well as what the expectations are for 2023.



Air freight in 2023

The endless lines for customs checks. Strikes by air traffic controllers, pilots and a huge staff shortage at airlines’ cargo handling and distribution centres. Of course, all this also had its effect on your air cargo shipments. 2022 was certainly not a dull year for Ritra’s air cargo team in Oude Meer! What is currently at play at the Netherlands’ largest airport, what influence do politics have and what are the expectations for 2023?



Chinese New Year 2023

In 2023 the Chinese New Year falls early: 21 January to 27 January. Throughout this period, the Chinese business community is less active. To prevent issues with your shipment, we advise taking this holiday period into account in your planning. What are the expectations and where do you have to think about this year?



Opening hours during the holidays 2022

Please note the changes to our opening hours during the holidays:



Doing business in China: does it suit you?

Chinese people love online shopping. With a population of 1.41 billion, this makes China the largest e-commerce market in the world. Between January and August 2022, the online sales of products totalled 7,241.4 billion yuan. You can now join one of the largest e-commerce platforms with ease. Have you ever considered doing business in China?



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