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Next level for automatic data exchange with carriers

Next level for automatic data exchange with carriers

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Almost every carrier works with a Transport Management System (TMS) nowadays. Contrary to its name, a system like this often still requires plenty of manual input – wasting a lot of time and making the system prone to errors. This is why Ritra Cargo is working together with carriers on implementing automatic data exchange. What are the advantages for the daily shipments?


TMS capabilities

A Transport Management System (TMS) helps carriers and drivers to calculate the best route, among other things. It also registers and carries out transport scheduling and invoicing. However, automatic data exchange is not a given for these activities; a large part of this work is still done by hand.


By using so-called EDI connections, carriers and drivers are able to exchange information automatically and in realtime. This saves time and also eliminates the risk of errors. Shipments are scheduled and carried out faster, and the administrative processes run more smoothly, allowing shippers to receive their goods quicker than ever.


Practical example: TMS ´e-Lips´ and CTR Logistics

The EDI connections between carrier CTR Logistics and commonly-used TMS ‘e-Lips’ are a great example. They recently established both an XML and API connection together, making it possible for forwarders, carriers and drivers to exchange realtime information on shipments.


Each party in the chain benefits from this automatic data exchange. For the collaboration between Ritra Cargo, CTR Logistics and e-Lips, the situations is as follows:

  • CTR Logistics receives shipping assignments from Ritra Cargo via XML
  • Drivers immediately receive these shipping assignments from CTR Logistics in e-Lips ´e-Mobits´ app
  • After delivery of the goods, the consignment note (CMR) is automatically sent to CTR Logistics via API
  • CTR Logistics uses XML to invoice Ritra Cargo immediately


This example demonstrates how automatic data exchange helps to streamline logistics processes. However, there are not many carriers with this capability yet. As such, Ritra Cargo encourages initiatives for automatic data exchange and offers support where necessary, including the implementation of XML connections. Together, we can achieve a more transparent, secure and reliable chain.


If you are interested in automatic data exchange and would like to discuss your thoughts and ideas, please contact us.



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