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Port in sight!

Port in sight!

You can work in logistics for many years, but never get around to actually seeing the port firsthand. Does this sound familiar? It did to several employees of Team Ritra. That is why we felt it was time to do something about that! A good reason to schedule some trips to the Maasvlakte last April and May. You can’t get any closer to the port of Rotterdam!



Welcome aboard

Team Ritra has organised various trips in the recent weeks. A number of customers have (already) joined us. Together we visited the Maasvlakte, home to ‘Futureland‘ which is being managed by the Port of Rotterdam. It’s worth noting that this is, of course, the ‘heart’ of the port.


A visit to the interesting exhibition space gives you a good idea of the port in the future. And for the real work, we visited the current port. Together we boarded the ferry, which sails right along the quays. RWG, Euromax and APM: no terminal went unseen. And of course, that is what got our logistical hearts racing…



An impressive part of Rotterdam

While one group was lucky enough to see the impressive lady in blue, HMM Oslo (with almost 24,000 container spaces!), a few days later the other group was treated to the spectacle of a hard-working tugboat with the huge MSC Mina in tow. In fact, this confirms what you and we already knew: there is always something happening in the port.


Team Ritra took quite a few pictures during the boat trips. You will find a selection of the most impressive moments below.





A rewarding experience

No matter how often you visit it, it doesn’t detract from the experience: it is and always will be, impressive. Here are some comments from customers during and after our visit:

“Thanks again!!! It was great to see those big ships up close.”
“It’s always impressive to see those ships and everything around them.”
“I hadn’t thought about it. But what a huge operation it really is…”
“I’d heard it was like this. “But how remarkable to actually see containers moving across the site without any physical human effort!”
 “Thanks again to you and your colleagues for a super fun day yesterday!! We showed the rest of our colleagues our photos. Even just from the photos, they were impressed by how many containers were on it!”


Thanks to all our customers and enthusiastic colleagues for making these fun visits possible!



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