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Avoid planning problems with the production countries’ holiday calendar

Avoid planning problems with the production countries’ holiday calendar

A few times a year, there are longer holidays in Asian production countries. This generally calls for importers to be particularly attentive. As it happens, longer periods of annual leave can put a great deal of pressure on vessel capacity. If you do not place your bookings in a timely manner, there is a risk that your goods will not be transported.


Adapt your planning to holiday periods

In Asia, countries regularly take several days off, or even a whole week. For example, Chinese New Year and Golden Week in China. But several days are also taken off work in Indonesia and Bangladesh during EID festivities at the end of Ramadan.

If you import from Asia, it is important to coordinate your planning with the holidays there. Container ships are often jam-packed just before longer holidays. As a result, containers are often left behind. When ships resume normal service after the holidays, this backlog needs to be processed first. This causes further delays.


Download the holiday calendar

We have prepared a summary so that you can avoid problems around Asian holidays. It lists the most important holidays in 2018. You will find the largest Asian production countries of Bangladesh, China, India and Indonesia on this holiday calendar.

Avoid planning problems and download this handy holiday calendar now.

Holiday calendar production countries

Holiday calendar production countries: June and July


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