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Quickly and transparently have individual orders picked through Pick & Pack

Quickly and transparently have individual orders picked through Pick & Pack

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Different stores often ask for different orders. Take, for example, varying amounts, sizes or colours. In these cases, individual orders have to be compiled to fulfil these requests. Our value-added service “Pick & Pack” allows us to do this quickly and straightforwardly. Ritra Cargo has developed new (web-based) software to achieve this. From now on, this software will provide you with live insights into the status of these pending orders. How does Pick & Pack work and what are the possibilities?


Compiling, scanning and coding

Preparing orders for shipping is a lightning-fast process with the new “Pick & Pack” solution. Pick lists are digitally transferred to our warehouse through an EDI link. The warehouse staff will automatically receive a notification of this. With the help of a so-called pick list, the required products are then collected and packed in boxes. During this process, all processed items are scanned using our Pick & Pack app, after which the contents of each box are checked again. Afterwards, the packing slip can be printed directly. This way, your individual outgoing orders are always prepared for shipping correctly and quickly.

Conveniently, you can keep an eye on the progress online. Pick & Pack is kept up to date in realtime. There is also the option of receiving automatic notifications at set moments. You will automatically receive a notification when the Pick & Pack has been initiated, completed and shipped. That way, you can update your clients in a timely manner.


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Pick & Pack offers the support required to immediately get started on any type of order picking. Whether you work in picking cycles, 24/7 or as a one-time action. That way, you can always meet your clients’ demands.


Links with ERP systems

Through an EDI link, data can be exchanged in realtime between our Pick & Pack solution and your ERP system. Invoicing and stock updates can be similarly linked. This way, Exactonline users can instantly start working with Pick & Pack.


Online orders & returns

Online sales via webstores are also possible with Pick & Pack. This way, orders can be shipped directly from warehouse to consumer through a courier. Return processes are also available if necessary. This means it is no longer necessary to use an e-fulfilment location. Orders and returns are directly processed by the warehouse that stores your goods.


Stock management

Another feature offered by Pick & Pack is a complete stock overview. Based on purchased and stored amounts, realtime stock numbers can be shown. Thanks to picking activities, this also yields insight into unsaleable products that have been in stock for too long, as well as safety stocks that are at risk.

Do you have any questions about our Pick & Pack solution? We are happy to answer them for you. Send an email to sales@ritra.nl or call 010-7671000.


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