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Rain creates great difficulties in Bangladesh

Rain creates great difficulties in Bangladesh

Every year, heavy rain creates difficulties in Bangladesh.  Streets and buildings become flooded, practically bringing everyday life to a halt. Your exports also experience problems from this. Delays and poorly functioning quays become the issues of the day. What are the consequences of the flooding and what are the expected outcomes?

Water damage from floods

For a few days now, large parts of Bangladesh are completely under water. The floods are a result of heavy rain and high tides. Chittagong port is also affected. A few quays and loading bays have been completely flooded. As a result, goods and containers stored there are at risk of water damage. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to predict the level of damage at this point in time.


Feeder ships experiencing delays

The turbulent weather has also impacted the accessibility to ports. This makes loading and off-loading difficult. As a result, feeder ships are also delayed. According to our local agency, the average expected waiting time is now 2 to 3 days. The Feeder ships are passing through to transhipment ports such as Colombo and Singapore, to supply the motherships there. These ships then continue to Europe.


Good procedures limit delays to Europe

Experience shows that delays to Europe are fortunately, mostly limited. This is due to a complete change in planning when bad weather conditions occur. Instead of taking the usual route, freight is loaded onto the next available feeder ship, meaning the mothership experiences little to no delay.

As a result, shipments to our customers rarely experience delay in comparable circumstances. If your shipment is delayed however, we will of course contact you directly.


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