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Agent: Edit booking

In the current market we see a lot of extra work to update all Tracos Bookings according to the ever changing vessel schedules. To support you as an agent we have lifted the restriction to edit a booking.


Vendor: Selection PO’s

We have corrected a missing function in the page Purchase Orders. As a Vendor you had no selection screen and PO’s needed to be selected one at the time. We have added the same functions as the agents have in Purchase Order screen.


Preview: Traffic Control System (TCS) 2.0

In 2018, Ritra Cargo implemented a new IT-backbone for TCS: Oracle APEX 5.1. This allows a faster development of a greater variety of functionalities. In 2019, big steps will be taken to further improve TCS. Most of all, more visual notifications about the progress and status of orders will be provided.



How to create your own unique report layout in TCS

Creating reports with customised layouts is one of the best functionalities in the Traffic Control System (TCS). It allows you to filter information and organise it to your own insight, requirements and use. This can be achieved in only a few clicks and can be edited just as fast. You’ll master it in no time with our handy manual.


New feature: On Board Confirmed Y/N

The “OnBoard” status in the Traffic Control System (TCS) shows you which orders are on board the ship. In TCS, the status changes from “InProgress” to “OnBoard” when:



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