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How to create your own unique report layout in TCS

How to create your own unique report layout in TCS

Creating reports with customised layouts is one of the best functionalities in the Traffic Control System (TCS). It allows you to filter information and organise it to your own insight, requirements and use. This can be achieved in only a few clicks and can be edited just as fast. You’ll master it in no time with our handy manual.

Personalising TCS with customised layouts

Action menu TCS

Action menu in TCS

Almost every screen in TCS has an action menu within the screen. These menus contain option for data filtering and/or visualisation. Subsequently, the created layout can be saved.


You can save an unlimited number of layouts, which is useful if you are required to provide information to departments or colleagues in different ways. The action menu is a friend to all “data junkies”.


Possible data filters and visualisations

Always start with the “Primary Report”. This is the basis of each layout, which can then be adapted using the required data filters and visualisations. The following adaptations are enabled:


  • Select Columns

The option to add unused columns to a layout, or even remove columns.


  • Filter

    Add data filter TCS

    Add data filter in TCS

Handmatig toevoegen van een datafilter. Dit kan ook worden gedaan met een zoekterm of een kolomzoekterm. Zie ‘kolom eigenschappen’, te bereiken via een klik op de rechtermuisknop op ‘kolomtitel’.


  • Rows Per Page

Increase or decrease number of rows.


  • Format

Choose from a range of data filters, format options (highlights) and sorting across several columns.


Pro Tip: the ‘Group By’ functionality helps to group similarities and differences. This gives a whole new dimension to a report. You can set the grouping to a chosen column.


  • Save Report

Did you add or delete a column, with or without extra filters? Then don’t forget to save the new layout.


  • Reset

Refreshes the page and resets to “Primary Report”. This turns off any filters you had added to your layout.


  • Help

Information sheet with standard Oracle Apex explanations on the functionalities of the action menu (only available in English).


  • Download

The displayed data can be exported in 3 formats: CSV, HTML and e-mail weblink.


  • Filter and Highlights

If you have many open filters and highlights, this could result in a very full screen. This is because all filters are stacked. The “>” icon can be used to collapse the filters into 1 line. This will give you more screen space to display data.


Collapsed filters in TCS

Filters collapsed in TCS

Filters extended in TCS

Filters extended in TCS


Have you completed your own layout? Then save it as “private report”.



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