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Ritra Cargo is building a strong relationship with agencies

Ritra Cargo is building a strong relationship with agencies

More often, customers, forwarders and agencies communicate online. In many ways this is an advantage. However, face-to-face communication will always be an important addition to this. It always improves collaboration. This is why last May, our colleague Albert visited some new and already familiar agencies in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Shanghai (China).

PO-management tool takes over all communication about shipments

Getting to know each other was the one of the reasons Albert visited Dhaka. Over there, he joined up with a new customer and had a meeting with that customer’s agent. He had already been working with this trustworthy agent in Dhaka for a long time. Of course, Albert also wanted to meet him personally, since he was also going to work closely together.

Furthermore, there was another important reason for the trip. A completely new way of working had to be introduced. Correspondence about shipments used to take place by e-mail and telephone. In the new situation, this is taken over by a PO-management tool, the Traffic Control System (TCS). In this system, the customer, Ritra as a forwarder and local agencies can communicate about shipments. From booking confirmations and realtime tracking, until the prove of delivery. In order to get accustomed to this new way of working, Albert presented the system. After that, a short training followed.


Already 20 years of confidence in Cargo Services Shanghai

Besides meeting a new partner in Dhaka, Albert also visited an already familiar agent in Shanghai. Cargo Services has already been working together with Ritra Cargo for nearly 20 years. Together they discussed all important developments. Part of that was a demonstration of the updated TCS, given by Albert.

To conclude the visit, one of the warehouses was visited to have a look at the impressive facilities. All imaginable value added services are carried out there for multiple large fashion brands. Re-packaging, labeling, complete webshop interiors and after sales, to name some.


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